Americans love guns. According to the small arms survey conducted recently; for every one hundred Americans there are 88.9 firearms. That’s more than there are in Gaza, Mexico, Pakistan, and Yemen combined. Not a single democratic legislation has ever called for a prohibition on all firearms; rather we advocate for Gun Control. If you would open your eyes and see what’s happening in our country, you will obviously see the need for a tighter gun monitoring mechanism. How many innocent people have to die before we can tighten access to these deadly weapons?

We hope the recent shooting in Las Vegas will bring to light the importance of gun control.

More firearms more homicide and suicides

Most people would be willing to start a fight when everyone is armed. If you compare homicide rates to the number of guns owned; you will naturally get a direct proportion graph. According to data analysis done by the Harvard School of Public Health, homicides, and guns go together. There is a higher chance of being shot in a feud nowadays than when access to guns was limited.

There is a general perception that before one commits suicide, he or she must sit down, think, set a date and place then go on with it. However, studies have indicated that this is not always the case.

Suicide is a thing people do on the spur of the moment. This means a lack of access to a murder tool at that moment can make a lot of difference. This may sound far-fetched, but according to a report from Boston Globe, states with low levels of gun ownership have lower suicide rates compared to those with high levels of gun ownership.

This is not a coincidence, but a clear indication of what guns can do to our society.

Legal weapons are utilized in massacres

Going by the statistics, according to the Gun Violence Archive, the Las Vegas killing marked the 273rd in 2017 to date. In simple terms, almost one shooting occurred in the USA each day this year. Further statistics show that more than 78 percent of the shootings were perpetrated using legal weapons.

To make it worse, almost half of mass shootings are done by assault rifles; meaning, a few restrictions could have saved lots of lives. Even though someone might be determined to pull off a massacre, doing it with a musket or a handgun and would unlikely kill many people.

Children will have less access to weapons

Nowadays children who are not even old enough to drive or vote have access to deadly weapons. Today if a 10-year-old kid were allowed to drive, even with a parent, it would be a crime. Many are times we have heard or seen children taken to a shooting range and given lessons on how to shoot. This act desensitizes our kids to the dangers of firearms. Again a child’s brain is not developed enough to safely handle a gun, and with less control of this deadly weapons, we are likely to see more loss of life in future.