David Hogg, a student of Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, heard the constant sound of gunshots outside his class.

David shared his horrible experience in an interview with BBC News. Bullet holes were found everywhere after the long barrage of gunfire. David Hogg couldn’t see the attacker from his position behind the glass door. Fortunately, since the door was locked, the shooter was unable to enter the classroom.

Students were terrified during the incident

Hogg smartly took a video from his classroom when gunfire took place. The entire school was in chaos during the gunfire which can be clearly seen in that video.

David added that he heard 10 to 12 gunshot sounds outside his classroom.

The attacker was just moving from one class to another and shot random students on his way. According to the BBC News report, David Hogg said he was fortunate that he survived as a guy standing very close to him was shot dead.

The name of the shooter was revealed

This gunfire was committed by an old student of the school. Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old boy, is the gunman and was arrested at the school campus. He confessed that he killed at least 17 people in the high school.

Police rushed to the spot as soon as they heard the news

According to officials, Michael Katz, a student of high school said that he heard an ear-splitting sound at 2:20 PM. Initially, he thought it was the sound of a garbage truck. But when he heard the sound of screaming he realized that it was random gunfire in the school.

Michael stated that he had never heard this type of panic-stricken screaming in his life.

The door of the classroom was already locked by his English teacher, Ms. Lyons. She was pointing to everybody with her hands to get down on the floor and to keep silent. He could not even count the number of the gunshots as the firing was in a rapid manner.

At that moment, Michael got emotional as he was worried about getting killed so he sent a text to his mom and dad told he loved them so much. After that, he called 911 and informed them about the shooting. Immediately he ended his call as he heard the footsteps of the shooter coming toward his classroom. He was very well aware that the shooter could hear him through the glass door.

The firing gradually slowed down after four to five minutes and the shooter heard the voices of the police. At first, the English teacher didn’t open the door but when the police gave the assurance not to worry, the teacher opened the classroom's door and allowed them all out.