Celebrities have entered the Gun Control conversation, largely on the backs of the students who are keeping it in the conversation across the country. These new voices have the potential to cast the message of gun reform to a larger audience.

The support has come in both financial and motivational terms. It has also come from different sectors of the entertainment world, though it is being led by Hollywood. Hopefully, it will provide the necessary push to keep the Parkland students going when the fight for reform gets tough.

Celebrities join the cause

Celebrities are officially throwing their weight around. According to Time Inc.'s "Money," George and Amal Clooney were the first major players to contribute to the cause of gun control reform in the wake of last week's tragedy. They combined to donate a whopping $500,000 in support of the "March For Our Lives," an upcoming demonstration led by students across the country and led by those affected directly in Parkland.

Other celebrities were inspired by the students of Parkland and followed the Clooneys lead. Movie director Steven Spielberg took some of his money from the success of "The Post" and donated $500,000 of his own wealth to the cause. Oprah Winfrey decided to donate the same amount, which is a grand total of $1.5 million between just the four of them.

Money doesn't solve the problem of gun violence, but it's a massive help to organize an event meant to leave a national footprint.

About the 'March for Our Lives'

The "March for Our Lives" is set to take place in just over a month, on March 24. It's being organized by students across the United States on the heels of the tragedy in Parkland, with survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting playing a major part.

Everytown for Gun Safety is also helping lead the protest.

Whether through donations or public support, many celebrities have been linked to the event. Singer Justin Bieber reportedly reached out to be involved in some capacity. Comedian Amy Schumer has offered support. Singers St. Vincent and Hayley Williams of Paramore have too.

Gabby Giffords - the former congresswoman who survived an assassination attempt - is completely on board.

With a large amount of time until the march, there's a valid concern that momentum surrounding gun control reform will wane. The students of Parkland appear to have limitless resolve, though. The celebrities can keep the issue in the public eye until late March rolls around.