In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, media coverage of the Gun Control debate has intensified to a fever pitch. Students who survived the shooting are on the streets and marching to the state Capitol, demanding reform. Many in the mainstream media are doing the same. Yet, legislation never really seems to follow after these mass shootings. President Donald Trump has moved to try and ban bump stocks, the accessories that turn legal firearms into automatic machines. That's a start, but nowhere near enough.

Here are four steps you can take to contribute to the cause of gun control reform.

1. Call your congressman

Yes, everyone says this in the wake of a big news event. But then again, the power of the moment really does have the ability to change their voting record or public commentary. Congressmen need to listen to their constituents, if for no other reason than elections, especially in the House of Representatives. If enough people flood their voicemails and inboxes, they may realize how the tide is turning on an issue, such as gun control reform.

2. Put your money where your mouth is

Once you've made the call to your congressman, take things a step further. The gun lobby is arguably the most powerful in the entire country. They are well-funded and weaponize the Second Amendment as a means to keep them in business.

But there are powerful organizations that are lobbying directly against them and for the cause of gun control reform. Everytown for Gun Safety and The Brady Campaign are two prominent organizations worth supporting.

3. Educate yourself

Education is always an underrated factor in debates. People love to give their unfiltered opinions, using only baseless claims to support themselves, rewarding the party that screams the loudest.

Facts matter, though. Knowledge allows people to see the various sides of an issue, as well as the gray that truly defines the problem. Compromise can only be found within reason, and reason can only be found within the facts.

4. Take your passion public

Just because people tend to turn off the person who posts too much on social media, doesn't mean it's a bad idea to do so.

Don't stop there, though. Talk about gun control in your school, in your house of worship, in your workplace if you can. Discuss it with your friends, families, and peers. Keeping an issue in the public eye forces those in power and those not in power to continue confronting it, until a resolution is found.

Oh, and when the next opportunity rolls around, whether it's local, state, or national elections, vote! If you don't vote, you can't complain.