The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) honored those persons who excelled in British and international films on February 18, 2018. The BAFTA Awards are equivalent to the Oscars in the United States. The attire for the night had an unofficial black dress code to support the Time's Up campaign like it was at some awards shows in America because of the sexual harassment scandal.

Prince William and Duchess Kate attended the ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Sunday. Neither one of them wore a Time's Up pin like the other attendees.

Even though it wasn't black, it was a beautiful dark green Jenny Packham gown that didn't stand out as if it had been a bright bold color like she has worn in the past. Kate accessorized her gown with a black velvet sash and carried a black velvet clutch.

Some people complained that she did not wear a black dress. They did not know there were three valid reasons Kate did not follow the unofficial dress code.

1. Royals can't make political statements

Members of the royal family can't make political statements no matter what the cause is. They have to remain politically neutral on all occasions. Neither Kate nor William who is the president of BAFTA wore the Time's Up lapel pin.

2. Dress was chosen months ago

The Duchess' outfit was probably selected long before the Time's Up campaign began and before the unofficial dress code was announced. For that reason, Kate chose not to get on board with most of the other women since she had already planned to wear the green maternity gown that fit her body perfectly.

She is seven months pregnant and is expecting her third child in April. It might have been an inconvenience for her to make the last-minute wardrobe change.

3. Black is reserved for somber occasions

The third reason is perhaps the most important one of all.

Members of the royal family have to follow strict fashion rules. Black outfits are reserved for somber occasions such as funerals and memorial services. Whenever Queen Elizabeth and other royals travel, they always have to pack a black outfit in case they need one for those solemn events.

Perhaps people will stop complaining that the Duchess of Cambridge did not wear black to the BAFTA ceremony now that the three reasons have been publicized. They should know by now that Prince William and Kate Middleton are ones to abide by royal protocol much more than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.