Gun control debate is back in the public mind after the horrific tragedy that unfolded in Parkland, Florida last week, when a gunman walked into a school and slaughtered 17 souls. The issue polarizes folks on both sides of the aisle, with political donations from the National Rifle Association complicating things further. The students who survived last Wednesday, however, have vowed to keep the debate in the forefront of American minds for the days and weeks to come.

With their leadership, demonstrations demanding gun control legislation have been set up around the United States.

Marching on the streets

Students from Stoneman Douglas High School have largely been leading the charge to set up protests in favor of gun control across the United States. According to USA Today, those very students will descend upon the state Capitol on Wednesday. There, they are expected to demand stronger gun control legislation, which will be interesting in the wake of the state's decision not to bad assault rifles on Tuesday.

A day later, students from nearby Florida State University will do the same. It's unclear if the students from Parkland plan to stay in Tallahassee overnight to join the college students. It would certainly add some heft to an event people across the United States will be watching.

March will bring two major protests. On the 14th, there are plans for a walkout at schools across the country for 17 minutes, symbolizing the 17 gunned down in Parkland. That protest is being organized by the same people who organized last year's Women's March. A week and a half later, students have organized the "March for Our Lives" to take place.

That protest - with a striking name - will have the same intended effect: to influence the gun control debate in the United States.

Why these protests will work

In the wake of every mass shooting - of which there are far too many in the United States - there is always a groundswell of support for gun control. Yet meaningful legislation is rarely passed in the aftermath of these tragedies.

What will make this time different is the people who are leading the charge: survivors.

The survivors of these horrific incidents are too often forgotten about after time has passed. The parents of the Sandy Hook Elementary victims have done remarkable work lobbying for gun control, but even they're one-step removed. The leaders this time are those who were in the school where this senseless violence occurred.

And they've already proven they won't stay silent.