Is Kate Middleton pregnant with baby #3? Realistically speaking, speculations and rumors about her being pregnant with another royal baby have been going on for several months, but it seems like this time those speculations have a pretty valid argument. The 35-year-old British royal has been known for her elegant yet practical fashion sense. Every time she wears an article of clothing, the brand or similar designs of what she wore immediately sell out all over the world. Kate Middleton's fashion sense is a big hit among women of all ages, which is why eagle-eyed fans are very observant when it comes to her outfits.

Pregnant or just wants to wear comfy shoes?

Recently, Kate Middleton has been seen sporting some pretty rad footwear, and while it's no big deal that she has a good eye for footwear, eagle-eyed fans noticed that she was wearing sneakers. The Duchess Of Cambridge's choice of footwear has fueled pregnancy speculations once again.

Based on Kate Middleton's fashion history, she is usually seen in public wearing high heels, stilettos, or strappy, elegant sandals. This is why fans were a bit surprised to see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing comfy sneakers in public.

According to reports, Kate Middleton wore sneakers while meeting with members of the Canadian public on the final day of their Royal Tour of Canada.

The said sneaker is reportedly a chic white pair that belongs to the White 2750 Cotu Classics line of the Superga brand. Shoe enthusiasts know all too well that a Royal Family member wearing a pair of shoes belonging to an average person's price range is something worth noting.

However, this is not actually the first time that Kate Middleton wore something affordable.

In 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge was noted wearing a $66 dress from Topshop. The said dress was sold out within an hour. That's how influential the 35-year-old Royal family member is in the world of fashion.

A clue behind the shoes

According to reports, Kate Middleton pregnancy news still remains unconfirmed as of writing. The official communications department of Kensington Palace has not issued a statement regarding the Duchess of Cambridge's alleged pregnancy.

Wearing flat shoes on a public appearance might seem to be a bit off for a Royal family member, but if it's Kate Middleton, she can definitely pull it off. If anything, the curious public will just have to rely on paparazzi shots and take a good look at Kate Middleton as she continues to perform her royal duties and public appearances.