The easy availability of guns in the United States has led to a number of massacres in schools and the latest one in Parkland, appears to have been the last straw. The student community is agitated over the inaction of those in authority and has taken to the streets in protest. They want the administration to wake up from slumber and introduce strict gun control measures.

The Daily Mail UK reports that students from all parts of the country joined the mass walk out in memory of the 17 people of Florida who fell to the bullets of a gunman in the deadly massacre.

The students were protesting the inadequacy of existing Gun Laws that need to be made more powerful to stop.

Gun laws need to be reviewed

It was an unprecedented gathering of thousands of students from Parkland and other schools along with survivors of previous massacres who converged on Florida's capital. They wanted lawmakers to introduce tougher gun control measures to ensure the guns did not fall into the wrong hands. A group of students had traveled in buses to come to the venue and meet state legislators. Their demand was that the lawmakers must accept the seriousness and take necessary action on gun laws.

The massacre in the hallways of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by the gunman has left everyone in the school traumatized.

In Washington, high school students gathered outside the White House to express their anger against the National Rifle Association (NRA), the powerful gun lobby. The students wanted President Donald Trump to take action.

A decision must come

Students go to schools to study and not to become victims of gunmen. The administration must realize that schools must be free from such tragedies.

Donald Trump had received the strong backing of the NRA during his election campaign. However, the Parkland tragedy is an eye-opener and he would now have to explore possibilities of introducing strict gun laws. He has indicated his support to ban "bump stocks" which can convert a semi-automatic weapon into a more lethal automatic one.

He will have to do much more to keep up to his slogan of "Make America Safe." The people must be safe not only from external threats of terror outfits but also from trigger happy gunmen.

Incidentally, the FBI had prior knowledge about the Florida school shooter but had not taken any action. The gunman had bought the weapon legally, and he used it to carry out the attack. It seems there is a proposal to raise the age for purchase of such firearms.