Kate Middleton has sparked pregnancy rumors yet again after her attendance at a recent charity event where she wore a bodycon dress that showed her bumpy midsection. This is not the first time the Duchess of Cambridge was reported to be expecting her third child with Prince William. But despite being a regular subject of pregnancy gossips, neither of the couples has confirmed nor denied these looming rumors about the Royal Family.

Are they expecting baby number 3?

An insider confirmed to Life & Style that Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly pregnant with their third baby, but have decided to keep the details under wraps while they can.

The Duke, however, is excited to share the good news with his family and colleagues and has already been thinking about names with his wife.

The source added that Kate Middleton's morning sickness has been tolerable, unlike her previous pregnancies where she had to be admitted to the hospital after experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum. But that did not stop Prince William from playing the overprotective husband to his pregnant wife. In fact, the Duke would regularly remind her to take things easy and relax.

The pair are also excited to tell their kids, Prince George (3) and Princess Charlotte (2), that they will soon welcome an additional member to the Royal family. Kate Middleton expects that the two would love to have another sibling, but worries about her daughter's initial reaction to the news.

The publication also added that the Duchess reportedly wants a baby number four before she reaches 40 years old.

Kate and her fashion style

Fans of the royal couple were quick to point out how Kate Middleton's fashion sense has changed in the wake of pregnancy gossips. Best known for her elegant and trendy style, the Duchess was recently spotted sporting a pair of sneakers during one of her public appearances, which is unusual for someone who regularly goes out in high heels or stilettos.

This has caused the public to speculate yet again that the 35-year-old Royal family member could be changing her style into something more comfortable for her pregnancy. A Royal source, however, told Express that it would be a surprise if the couple will have another child given that they already have a son and a daughter.

"There is a sense that their family is now complete and they are moving onto the next chapter in their lives,” the insider explained.

But the news on Kate Middleton's pregnancy remains unconfirmed at the time of writing as the communications department of Kensington Palace has yet to address these claims.