The Winter Storm of 2018 that is traveling throughout the eastern parts of the United States is breaking records. It also is responsible for some curious facts that many may consider strange and even bizarre. The bitter cold temperatures that are gripping a portion of the nation are unprecedented and unexpected. For over a week many states have been dealing with constant below freezing temperatures. Florida especially experienced the wrath of the frigid weather. Here are three facts that have unfolded this past week in the Sunshine State which are related to the effects of the NorEaster and the bomb cyclone.

Florida experiences first snow in three decades

The first curious fact to come out of the winter storms is that the NorEaster brought a gift to the residents of Florida as they had not seen snow in over 30 years. The freezing Cold Weather gave those who live in the Sunshine State a nice surprise this past week. Although joyful at the snowfall the extreme temperatures were quite unexpected and definitely unwelcome. It was reported that there were about nine minutes of "Blizzard-like" snowfall and then it was all over. It was an amazing sight for people who had not seen anything like it in more than three decades.

Jacksonville Florida temperatures lower than those in Alaska

The second strange thing about this storm was reported last Tuesday night by Meteorologists who noticed something curious about the weather temperatures.

It seems that it was warmer in Alaska than in Jacksonville Florida. Judah Cohen, who is a winter storm expert for the Atmospheric Environmental Research stated that this extreme weather is not record-breaking for northern Siberia, Alaska or Canada but simply misplaced. Cohen is also predicting a much colder than normal winter for most of the United States.

Temperatures that are lower in the Sunshine State than in Alaska is a pretty curious fact that comes out of this winter weather.

The first winter storm warning in four years for Tallahassee Florida

The third curious thing related to the weather of 2018 and the Sunshine State comes from The Weather Channel. They announced last week that the last time the NWS issued a winter storm warning for Tallahassee was when winter storm Leon hit four years ago.

At that time the there was ice and snow covering a large portion of the southeastern part of the United States. The frigid temperatures created a nightmare throughout Florida, Alabama, and Atlanta. These three facts probably will not be the only ones that emerge by the time warm weather returns.