Nebraska Football fans spent most of Sunday night believing all the roadblocks to a potential Scott Frost return to Lincoln had been removed. Chip Kelly had signed with UCLA, but Florida then turned around and signed Dan Mullen. There was very little chance Frost was ever going to even consider Tennessee, and so it appeared everything that Nebraska needed to know about Frost's future was all about waiting for the official announcement.

Then something strange began happening. Kevin Sumlin was fired from Texas A&M, as we knew was going to happen.

What we didn't know was going to happen was that Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher would show at least some interest in that Texas A&M job. Should Fisher decide to take that position, it could leave the Seminoles relatively flat footed, as schools like Florida, Tennessee, and Nebraska have all had a head start at looking at head coaches.

Nebraska football team still doing battle with Florida team for Scott Frost

The concern all along has been that Frost would pick the Gators over the Huskers because he now knows the state of Florida fairly well. The recruiting base the state comes with helps lure plenty of coaches as well. All of a sudden, the Frost to Nebraska rumors were not nearly as solid as they had been the day before.

There is also the little tidbit that recruiting for Florida State has been quite good over the last few years. While Frost would be taking over a team in the Huskers that has some real talent issues, FSU is going to have one of the most talent rich rosters in college football in 2018. Fisher’s inability to do more with that talent is one of the reasons people believe he might be moving on.

While the Seminoles are not pushing him out the door, the head coach has heard plenty of unhappy comments from the fanbase this year.

Fisher could move to Texas A&M and become the “people’s champion” again if he could get them more than seven or eight wins. It seems like Fisher is at least thinking about trying to do just that, especially since ABC News is reporting that the Aggies are prepared to offer the FSU coach a rather lucrative contract.

Nebraska playing the waiting game

It should be pointed out that since Florida State still currently has a coach, Frost has not fielded any overtures from Florida State. At this point, it appears the Huskers are the last team standing. The issue gets complicated because Scott Frost is still attempting to get his UCF team an undefeated season. The Nebraska football team under AD Bill Moos is also moving deliberately, rather than working to get a deal done with “someone” as soon as possible.