The United States and China are trying to prove their might in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) because it is expected to be the driving force of the future. The application of Robotics is increasing and it depends on the fine tuning and reining in of the powers of AI.

CNBC reports that China plans to set up a $2.1 billion technology park to develop artificial intelligence. The country is determined to spread the concept of AI and use it in different spheres, including the military. The government has already announced its broad plans of leading the pack with hopes of introducing major breakthroughs by 2025.

The broad plans

The location of the artificial intelligence park has been tentatively finalized. It will be in western Beijing and will occupy an area of approximately 55 hectares to accommodate nearly 400 businesses. The park will involve like-minded people from universities in the country and abroad apart from large enterprises who will set up research hubs.

The park will also have an artificial intelligence lab, and its main focus will be the commercial applications of AI in China in various areas that could include the military. It could also be a matter of concern for the international community.

The United States has taken note of these plans, and venture capitalist Jim Breyer feels that it is difficult for China to be No.

1 in the field. This is because The United States has a huge bank of talent, coupled with genius and creativity in its Silicon Valley.

Applications of artificial intelligence

The best example of applied artificial intelligence is NASA’s Curiosity rover that has been on Mars for over five years. It has been on its own and is programmed to make independent decisions to carry out its assigned tasks, around the clock.

AI is linked to robotics, which is a branch of technology that is expanding at a fast pace, as is evident from competitions that are held to encourage robot lovers to exhibit their skills.

According to The Guardian, China wants to catch up with the United States and USSR in the space race by deploying its AI technology. One of its plans is to land on the far side of the moon which no other country has attempted till now.

It also has programs of lunar exploration and several robotic moon missions that will try to land humans on the moon within 15 years.

It seems the European Space Agency (ESA) is in talks with the Chinese National Space Administration to explore the possibilities of future collaboration on robotic exploration missions.