Owning an Android smartphone can be so much fun until the need arises to either reset or format that phone. Resetting and formatting one's Android smartphone could arise from a couple of reasons which include virus and malware attack, and ram or rom issues, operating system malfunction and a host of other issues.

Found in the settings section of every Android smartphone, to backup and restore one's smartphone could be more like an uphill task for most Android smartphone users today. Since the advent of the Android Operating System, users face one big hurdle when their smartphones need to get backed up and restored.

What they do not know is that every Android operating system since inception traditionally comes with a backup and restore function which works with user's Google accounts. This factory-fitted function in most cases isn't adequate to backup all the data on users' smartphones.

Professionally, external Android Apps are needed to carry out a thorough backup and restore function on any Android operated smartphone either to be saved on the smartphone's SD card, local storage or web cloud server. Most of the below listed Android Apps do not need to be rooted to carry out the backup and restore function on the smartphone. Various Android Apps on the Google Play store are designed to either backup just call logs, contacts, and sms, while some are for photos, audio, and video.

1. Seagate

The Seagate Backup Android utility tool is one that stands out from the crowd. The app is one of the few that backs-up and restores that seamlessly offer a photo, audio, and video backup and restore function aside from just SMS, call log, address book, and connectivity credentials.

The app can be used to seamlessly send and receive files over Bluetooth and wifi between devices.

The Seagate Backup App allows users to backup and restores their files using Google Drive, Dropbox, encrypted server, local storage and sd card. The app is compatible with even older versions of Android operating systems. Complete with a user-friendly interface, the app can also backup apk files along with their data and obb files and folders inclusive.

2. App backup-restore

A product of Apex Android App developers, the App Backup Restore stands out as one of the best backup and restore Apps for Android. It is specially designed to cater for the backup and restore of call logs, SMS, and user's contact details, including apk files but cannot backup and restore audio, video or photo on users smartphone.

Users can choose what location they want their backup and restore operation to be carried out to and from. The app works automatically after users have both installed it and set it up for use. Users who want their data to be stored away in a more secured location can upload their files to the icloud platform. They can also utilize the app to both transfer and receive apk files from other Android smartphones.

3. Titatium

The Titanium Backup Root App is one powerful app that effortlessly, in one click, backs up and restores all users data including SMS, wifi log, calls log, and apps to either the smartphone's local or sd storage. The Titanium Backup app is designed to backup and restore all Android Market links on users' smartphones. The Titanium app comes with the following features, which include: Dropbox Sync, Freezing of Apps, Google Drive Sync.

The App comes with a simple interface design which allows users to find their way around easily without stress or hassles.

4. Appsaver

The Appsaver App is a backup and restore tool that comes with a trendy UI. Users can backup and restore their apps, sms, calendar, call logs and address book quite seamlessly with the in-app batch function.

It also means they can delete their smartphone's apps in batches which makes it quite easy for users to manage their apk, data and obb files in-app.

Users can easily sync their data using either Google Drive, Dropbox or the App's dedicated web server. The Appsaver Android backup and restore tool has put security into consideration as all activities in-app are done over an encrypted channel, even if it is done locally on the phone.