Continuing the movement percolating across the nation, the 2018 Grammys took a political turn on Sunday night. From the dresses to the speeches, campaigns like "#MeToo" and "Time's Up" owned music's biggest night. Movements seeped their way into the night's Performances as well. While some musicians charmed and danced their way into America's heart, many took the time to bring recognition to victims of mass tragedies, victims of sexual assault, and victims of a corrupt system.

These were the four best performances at the 2018 Grammys.

4. Kendrick Lamar, U2, & Dave Chappelle

This performance had it all. It had various song and dance numbers from the world's most prominent rapper. Bono and The Edge walked on stage flaunting their American pride (despite their Irish citizenship). Comedian Dave Chappelle "interrupted" to point out the fiery nature of Kendrick Lamar's bars and actions on the stage. It was an electrifying satire -- Lamar's staging said so -- to start off a Grammys night that took aim at the establishment.

3. Maren Morris, Brothers Osbourne, & Eric Church

In a somber moment, the Grammys paid tribute to the lives lost at concerts this year, including the Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande show and the Las Vegas mass shooting during a country music festival.

The three country artists performed "Tears in Heaven," an Eric Clapton song paying tribute to his own deceased son. Some didn't think the quality of the performance was up to par, but the impact was still powerful.

2. Bruno Mars & Cardi B

For just a few minutes, the Grammys took it easy on the heart-pounding performances and gave viewers some infectious, lollipop-like fun.

That's all thanks to the night's big winner Bruno Mars and his collaborator Cardi B. They bounced on the stage, seemingly straight out of "In Living Color." There was plenty of dancing from Bruno while Cardi B made her first appearance on the awards show. It was a moment where fans could take a deep breath and smile.

1. Kesha

The defining moment of the Grammys belonged to the artist who is most easily identifiable with the female empowerment movements. Kesha performed "Praying," a song with clear connections to the producer she accused of abuse, leading to a four-year absence from the music industry for the star. Other female singers joined her on the stage and wrapped her in a hug after the performance. People were surely talking about it on Monday.