An eight-person jury in California has awarded $710,000 to the famed Grumpy Cat after she won a lawsuit against the Grenade beverage company. The Case, filed three years ago by the cat's owner, Tabatha Bundesen, stems from the company's unauthorized use of the cat's image to market other products that were not part of the "Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino" contract. Grumpy Cat shot to fame when her owner posted pictures of her iconic "forever miserable" face on social media in 2012. But that moody expression has helped the sour-faced feline and her owner bank thousands of dollars in product deals, merchandise sales, and television shows.

Moody face that attracts money

Not many people can achieve a lot in life with a permanent fixture of a frown on their face, except when you're a grumpy-looking cat. Just a couple of years ago, this particular feline was virtually unknown outside her owner's home. Then boom! Grumpy Cat – real name Tardar Sauce – was a massive Internet sensation overnight, thanks to a photo posted on Reddit by the owner's brother.

Apparently, Tardar Sauce is a dwarf cat and also has an underbite. This is thought to be the source of her famously grumpy face. Regardless, her moody face has been a money magnet ever since she became a viral sensation. The sour-faced feline isn't the richest pet in the world but there's no doubt her bank account is in pretty good shape.

And now she's just added $710,000 to her net worth, thanks to the lawsuit payout she was awarded last week by a federal court in California.

The $710,000 lawsuit

Tabatha Bundesen, through Grumpy Cat Ltd, sued Grenade Beverage Company for violating terms of an earlier signed $150,000 deal. In the deal, the beverage company was to use Grumpy Cat's image on the packaging of one of its iced tea beverages dubbed "Grumppuccino." In the suit, Grumpy Cat Ltd claimed that the beverage company released a series of other products that featured the cat's face, ultimately infringing on her copyright and trademarks.

Grumpy Cat Ltd also claimed that the profits they were receiving from Grumppuccino sales were lower than what they'd agreed on in the deal.

Eventually, the eight-person jury ruled in favor of the famous cat, awarding her more than $710,000 in damages. The unamused cat herself wasn't in attendance during the closing arguments -- much to the disappointment of press and fans who had been following the progress of the case closely -- although she made a brief appearance in one of the trial's earlier sessions.