Sometimes a man can find another companion who is not human. People can’t live in parks and zoos, but they can keep some animals as Pets. Perhaps you prefer the tiniest animals, and you have a variety of options, including Hamsters. Here, you are going to get a complete guide to Common hamster breeds, their lifespan, and other facts. First, you should be aware that there are 24 species of hamsters and only five species are widely kept. Upon finding the most suitable one for your family, you can buy one from a pet shop. Below are hamster breeds you can domesticate.

Chinese hamster

According to the Destiny Formula, Chinese hamsters are also called Chinese striped hamsters, and they are social in nature. This particular breed tends to look like a mouse with its long, lean body and facial features. They grow up to four or five inches and live for about two years. The Chinese hamster is usually active at night but can sometimes wake up in the day. They rarely bite and are preferably housed alone as they can get aggressive when they see other Chinese hamsters. The pets are fragile, so you should be watchful when your children are playing with them. The best place to cage them is in an aquarium.

Roborovski hamster

The Roborovski is the fastest hamster as well as the smallest breed, according to Squeaks & Nibbles.

They can grow up to two and a half inches long and can live in groups if they are raised collectively. The breed is nocturnal and never bites, but their speed and size can make them hard to handle. A Robo hamster can live up to three and a half years, and it has a longer lifespan than any other hamster. Whenever they feel threatened or in danger, they try to escape.

heir sandy-brown coats and white bellies make them cuter. The best habitat for a Robo hamster is an aquarium or a cage.

Syrian hamster

The Syrian hamster is not only the most common one but also the largest, according to Info 4 Today. You can get this breed in most of the pet shops, and you can expect it to grow up to seven inches long.

The Syrian hamster can live up to three years and they are friendly to the kids but can become aggressive if you handle them too much. They prefer to live alone and if you try to keep it with another Syrian hamster, prepare for war. For the sake of their size, their cages should be bigger to allow them to move freely.

Dwarf Winter White Russian hamster

According to Hamsters Aspects Care, the Winter White hamster is also known as the Siberian hamster, and they can grow up to four inches long and live up to two years. The breed is mostly nocturnal. The safest place you can rear this animal is in an aquarium and since they love exercising, consider installing several climbing areas and even a running wheel in their aquarium or cage. However, they are not suitable for allergic people. They can be quick and due to their small size, they might be hard to manage sometimes.