The World has seen some powerful presidents whose style of leadership and values are admirable and we have also seen dictators who have committed atrocities. The atrocities range from executions and torture of the citizens of their countries. Tyrant dictators are feared by many, and the term “dictator” refers to a leader who uses systematic violence against the opposition and also persecutes ethnic and religious groups. With that said, here are the worlds infamous dictators.

1. Mao Tse-Tung

According to Metro Saga, Mao Zedong, also known as Mao Tse-Tung, was the founder of the People’s Republic of China.

If you think Hitler is the most brutal dictator in history, then you are wrong, because Zedong tops the list. It’s estimated that he killed almost 49 million people during his reign. That’s like a whole city! He created programs like the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward which resulted in the death of 20 million people from starvation. He ruled China for 27 years and considered violence as a way to achieve an ideal society.

2. Adolf Hitler

Adolf was responsible for some of the greatest ferocities in human history, according to NTD TV. The dictator ordered the murder of 11 million people from other races, including 6 million Jews. He is also the one who provoked World War II through his foreign policy.

The war claimed almost 70 million lives. Anyone who opposed his rule was put into a concentration camp and killed brutally using poisonous gas or were just shot out of hand. Most of the people who lost their lives during Hitler’s reign were Jews, Christians, Gypsies, the mentally disabled, women, and children. Due to fear of being captured by the Soviets, he committed suicide in 1945.

3. Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-il reigned from 1994 to 2011. He used to starve the North Koreans, and if they failed to work, he would torture, drown, shoot or put them in gas chambers. By the end of his reign, he had killed over 2 million people. Well, in that family, the apple never falls away from the tree. According to Thought Co, Jong-un succeeded his father, and he started by bombarding a South Korean naval vessel killing all its 46 crew members.

His father’s concentration camps are still active, and it’s believed he is holding over 200,000 people there. He also punished an official accused of taking alcohol as the nation was mourning his father by executing him using a mortar round.

4. Idi Amin Dada

According to Metro Saga, General Amin was the Ugandan president from 1971 to 1979 and was infamously known as the Butcher of Uganda. In his tenure, almost half a million Ugandans lost their lives, and he would torture his rivals, imprison, kill them, and sometimes his victims would go through all of them (imprisonment with torture before being executed). He blamed Asians for the economic situation of his country and ordered them out. Women were raped, tortured and murdered and he also cut off people’s limbs and private parts and loved to watch them bleed to death.