It takes a lot for a mother to report her own child to the Police. A California mother was so disgusted with what her 18-year-old son had done that she left her house at 3 a.m. and turned her son in to the authorities. It was after her son confessed to her that he had molested two boys. The mother had no idea that the number was much higher than that. It turned out that Joseph Hayden Boston had molested up to 50 boys over the last eight years. It started when he was only 10 years old himself. His youngest victim was just four years old.

The confession

While at the Riverside Police Department, Boston confessed to assaulting two boys, ages 4 and 8, at a local motel. During the conversation, he admitted to molesting over four dozen others in the different cities where he lived. Those places included Lakewood and Buena Park in Southern California. He had just recently moved to Riverside where the last two assaults took place.

Boston told the whole story to the police as it happened. He said he stayed at a $65 per night hotel where parents were staying with their children. He made friends with two boys he had just met, and he invited them to his room last Friday night where he violated them. A couple of hours later, he called his mother and confessed what he had done.

The charges

The age of the accuser and the victims determine the penalties. Boston just turned 18 in September. Therefore, he was an adult when he committed the last two alleged crimes. The two boys were under 10 years old and their ages helped to determine the charges against Boston. He is being charged with two counts of oral copulation on each child, and his bail is set for $1 million.

The teenager is being held at Robert Presley Detention Center. The maximum penalty could be 15 years to life in prison for each offense, according to Paul Wallin who specializes in crimes of this nature. The Riverside County Child Protective Services located the two victims and took both of them into custody.

Boston has not been charged with crimes against any of the other victims.

His penalty for them might not be the same because he started molesting them when he was 10. The Lakewood and Buena Park Police Departments are investigating and hope to find the victims in their cities that were molested by Boston before he moved to Riverside in November. The police are asking for information to help them find those kids.

The detectives and officers involved in the case were greatly affected after hearing the details in Boston's own words about what he had done.