It's not easy being a college student these days. There are just too many responsibilities and so little time to accomplish everything people expect them to. And sometimes all they want is to is to run away from all their problems and have fun instead. That's why procrastination usually becomes their ally despite the fact that it causes nothing but stress. But that doesn't stop them from making this nasty habit an important part of their lives. And that's just one of the things all the students can relate to.

What follows is the list of 25 pictures and memes only college students will understand.

So without further ado, let's dive right in.

1. This image below pretty much sums it up what every student is thinking when he is facing a deadline. Even the future self can't help

2. Binge-watching favorite TV shows is an important part of college life. Social life can wait

3. Everything is more important than studying. But sooner or later, that annoying feeling of guilt comes into play

4. The financial struggle is real. If only this could work

5. While in college, you have so many responsibilities. But sometimes staring at the ceiling is the best solution. Maybe it will clear your head a little

6. When the teacher starts randomly calling on people for answers and you didn't do the reading

7. It's procrastination 101, but at least you are finishing today, right? Oh, who are you kidding?

8. Making a word count on your essay has never been easier. After all, English is a beautiful language and you are such a good writer

9. Always follow the footsteps of greatness. You can't argue against it

10. Don't let it spoil your party. Because you are awesome like that

11. This is what I like to call a success

12. College life can be hard and you should take every chance you get to relax

13. Nothing is impossible

14. Most of the time, you don't know what are you doing with your life

15. Procrastination, my dear friend

16. If only someone could make an app for that

17. I bet all students can relate to this. College life can be tough

18. College life in a nutshell. Facing tough choices

19. Yes, this is pretty much how it is all the time

20. When people ask you how is your college life, you say:

21. This is actually a real thing in college

22. You rewarding yourself for getting an A on an online quiz you used Quizlet to answer every question for

23. This could be useful

24. The struggle is far too real

25. Well, at least he is honest