Maybe this Opossum girl had just broken up with her boyfriend, or maybe she was just a girl wanting to have some fun. Whatever the reason, when she broke into a Liquor Store in Florida and knocked over a bourbon bottle, she got totally drunk on the contents and then passed out. After an employee found the opossum laying on the floor, they called in a wildlife rescue center, where she has since recovered well.

Drunken opossum found next to empty bourbon bottle

A police officer in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, was called out by a local liquor store after an employee found an opossum lying on the floor in a state of total inebriation.

It seems she had managed to break into the store and had knocked over a bottle of bourbon. As it was empty when the staff member arrived, it is assumed she had drunk the entire contents – neat and with no mixer.

Wildlife rescue center cares for inebriated animal

As reported by Local 10, the police officer took the opossum to the Emerald Coast Wildlife Rescue, where Michelle Pettis – a technician at the center – told the Panama City News Herald the animal was definitely not acting in a normal way. According to Pettis, the opossum was salivating excessively and was very pale. Their staff went on to pump her full of fluids and gave her care until she finally sobered up.

Pettis said the fluids helped to flush out the alcohol toxins and within a couple of days the animal was fine and was not, apparently, suffering from a hangover. Lucky girl!

WFTV9 quotes the owner of Cash’s Liquors, Cash Moore, as saying he’s never had to deal with an opossum breaking into the store before.

Moore said the animal managed to get in from outside and climbed into the rafters, but as she climbed down, she knocked the bottle of bourbon off the shelf. Once she got down to the floor, the opossum went on to drink the entire contents. Moore went on to say that the incident goes to prove that even animals are impressed with his liquor store.

The opossum was released by Emerald Coast Wildlife Rescue on Thursday and is hopefully now leading a more sober life in the wild.

Peacock breaks into California liquor store

This isn’t the first report of wildlife causing havoc in a liquor store. Back in June this year, a female peacock paid a visit to an Arcadia, California, liquor store where she caused some minor mayhem. As she flapped around the store, dive-bombing the best bottles of wine on display, she did a fair amount of damage, before an employee finally managed to get her. At least she didn’t get drunk.