Rani Ghahem, the manager of the Royal Oaks Liquor Store in Arcadia, didn’t even know a peacock had entered the store on Monday. However, when a customer entered the liquor store, asking him about “el pollo” (Spanish for the chicken), he suddenly spotted the feathery intruder.

Store manager tries to coax the peahen out of the store

According to a report by the Boston Herald, Ghanem, 21, is a college senior living in San Bernardino and his family owns the liquor store. He said he got quite a fright when he saw the bird. At first, Ghanem tried to guide the peahen toward the door and outside but she got spooked.

First of all, the bird flew right at him and then she decided to fly up and sit on a top shelf above the bottles of liquor.

Animal control officer arrives and tries to catch the female peacock

The store manager then called 911 and an Animal Control Officer arrived on the scene, wearing gloves and wielding a fishing net. According to Ghanem, that is when things got really funny. He said that while the animal control officer was trying to catch the bird in the fishing net, the peahen jumped onto a bottle of wine.

When he saw this he knew he was in for a heap of trouble and there was going to be a huge mess in the store.

Peahen flaps around among the best bottles of wine

From there, the officer kept trying to catch the bird in the net and it proceeded to dive-bombing the wine bottles on display. The more he tried to catch it, the more the bird flapped its wings, knocking everything over.

Ghanem grabbed his cellphone and started filming the officer as he caught a bottle of wine in the fishing net, and then the bird knocked at least a dozen bottles onto the liquor store floor, shattering them.

Unable to handle any more destruction in the store, Ghanem said he donned a sweatshirt as protection from the big bird’s claws and went on to help the animal control officer catch the peahen.

Once safely caught in the net, and luckily unharmed, the officer took the bird out of the store.

According to Ghanem, the bird was in the liquor store for a total of around 90 minutes and managed to destroy $500 worth of the store’s best bottles of wine and champagne. Ghanem joked that the bird had expensive taste. He said he told the peahen, you break it, you buy it, but the bird got away with the whole thing.

As reported by the New York Post, peacocks are a common sight in Arcadia, a city located around 13 miles outside of Los Angeles. The city’s founder reportedly imported the birds from India back in the 1900s. Many residents in the area consider the peacocks to be a nuisance, however, they are a protected species, and feeding or harming peacocks can net fines and even jail time.

Readers can see the animal in the video included below: