I read an FBI notice about stolen art on the FBI Twitter account in a quiet moment of relaxation, and it took me on one of the weirdest internet journeys ever. It was not the notice about the stolen art that prompted me to do a rather random internet search, but the fact that I do dabble a bit in painting, and I sell some now and then. I just wondered why such terribly bad art was of such interest to the FBI.

I wasn't to know that this would take me on an epic journey into something weird and well - very strange.

Hunting down an FBI-mentioned artist

It still fascinates me that at the click of a mouse nowadays, I can go off and look up anything and everything and get instant information. However, every now and then, the strangest portals fall onto the screen and they are totally fascinating.

Benjamine Creme's stolen art from the 1970s and early 80s was one of those surreal journeys and it took me to a mindboggling place.

It was easy enough to do a search for Benjamine Creme - artist. Hey, this guy is more than just an artist.

Edge Magazine reported that the Scottish-born painter was an Esoteric, the author of several books and the British chief editor of 'Share International Magazine.'

The esoteric artist with a head full of strange ideas

In the early 1990s, Creme was traveling the world lecturing on the Maitreya Theosophy, which had its roots in Esoteric Buddhism first mentioned in the 1880s.

It is quite complicated, but basically, the belief is that Lord Maitreya is an advanced spiritual entity, one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, whose job is to help humankind evolve into a better species.

The theory is that from time to time these masters manifest on Earth. In fact, he believed that Jesus is one of them and that he is still alive and well and living in Rome.

Edge reported that Creme and others with similar beliefs do not find it odd to believe that Nelson Mandela was visited by Maitreya and told to write to the authorities demanding his release from prison and that's why Apartheid ended.

Spiritual masters living on Mars

He was also a proponent of the theory that these superior beings live in great numbers on Mars, but Elon Musk would be saddened to know that they are invisible to most people. But some of them do come to live on Earth, including Hermes, Rama, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Jesus, and others. They are sometimes inhabited by Maitreya, so he can spread the doctrine of shared resources of the world and environmental responsibility.

In fact, at least in 1991, Creme believed that there "was a minor official in Washington D.C., who is an incarnation of Abraham Lincoln, and no one knows his name." Maitreya is set to inhabit him.

He will then will be on a committee of wise men who will rule America. That rules out Trump, who was never in a government office before!

The aliens who protect planet Earth

The masters don't confine themselves to Earth. They liaise with aliens who keep an eye on us so we don't blow ourselves to smithereens with nuclear bombs. So likely there are lots of UFO's around North Korea right now, I guess.

This is going on while secret scientists work on using force fields to raise Atlantis. There are people who can learn to become masters too when they are not busy raising Atlantis. The fun part of this is that they get to go to Sirius, which is where our hierarchy really comes from. He told Edge that Sirius "is the flagship of the hierarchy and the Great White Brotherhood."

OK, that's where it stopped being quite so much fun, but it made me wonder if he is there right now, working with the White Brotherhood raising Atlantis and worrying about Kim Jong-un, as the painter passed away October 24, 2016 (aged 93).

Trump's endorsement

It's only natural to expand such an interesting internet search that started with an FBI post, so I checked to see if anything auspicious happened on that day, apart from Creme going off to Sirius.

The Week tells us that on that same day, The Las Vegas Review-Journal became the first major news outlet to back Donald Trump, writing, "he represents neither the danger his critics claim nor the magic elixir many of his supporters crave." They went on to say, Trump "promises to be a source of disruption and discomfort to the privileged, back-scratching political elites" who put their own interests over the nation's."

That nearly ranks with the prediction that Abe Lincoln's resurrection is waiting in the basement of Washington ready to step up and lead America to greatness again.