New Year's Day 2017 is actually celebrated in a lot of places the day after New Year's Day which made New Year's Day just a Sunday and Monday the actual holiday.

This is weird enough and lots of people are trying to get their heads around it. Technically this gave people around the word a whole extra day to come up with New year's resolutions and post them up on the web across social media. Some of them are just plain weird.

Weird New Year's resolutions on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best places to find weird New Year's resolutions. Quick, easy, and done on the run is the attraction of it and hey - friends and those impressed with weirdness can retweet at the click of a button.

Lots of people plan to get fit in 2017 and so, gunning for a determined start at least one person made this not so weird resolution. What was weird was that nobody else was there.

Top of the list might be resolving to never annoy your Peruvian grandfather - if you have one.

Some New Year resolutions that need more explaining

The nice thing about Twitter is that we don't even have to know the people who post up their messages as tweets, but this can be a bit of a drag when you want to know more about the motivation for some resolutions.

Creativity, bike riding, yoga and even "Pickles" is explainable, but wishing for more "awkward dates?" That's a bit weird.

Great Abs - yes totally wantable and doable with discipline, but there are those of us who may be lacking the necessary information to understand why 'Roo" wants paper-thin skin.

Is this even a resolution?

Dieting - taking control is a popular resolution but there are some hectic fails!

Is it normal to want to eat more yummy things? Most people seem to be set on getting fit, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle - so unless someone can expand on the story behind the tweet below, it will have to score as a major diet resolution fail.

The cheaters - making resolutions you already made and it was a win

If you are an extreme athlete it would be cheating to say in 2017 you are gonna become an extreme athlete. This applies to all resolutions, and in particular to this reasonably weird resolution.

Need a hand making resolutions? Look no further than YouTube's Fake Born account

Now Fake Born on Youtube decided that too many people are incapable of making their own resolutions, so off they went to give people some weird suggestions. Then they stayed around to film them putting it all into action.