It is exciting for people and animals when they see snow for the very first time. Their reaction is interesting to watch. A video was made of a rescue Horse playing in the snow in Michigan. The animal lowered herself to the ground and rolled around in the first snow of the season. The state saw a heavy dusting in some places and up to eight inches in other places.

The rescue horse

Stacey Pierce Dadd's rescue horse, Bella, was excited about the wintry weather. According to People magazine, Dadd met Bella at Hope Equine Rescue in Auburndale, Florida when she volunteered there.

Bella had been at the shelter one year before Dadd showed up. The volunteer took care of the horse for two years before she finally adopted her and moved her far away to Michigan where the weather is very different from the weather in Florida

After the first snowfall of the season, Dadd posted a video of Bella last Sunday after seeing her horse's reaction. At first, Bella seemed confused when she saw and felt the cold powdery substance on the ground. Then she laid down and rolled around so she could feel the snow on her entire body. There was no doubt that she loved it.

Social media reaction

The video of Bella had everything to make it go viral. People on social media love seeing videos of kids and animals.

Most of the animals are cats and dogs, so it was a welcome treat to see a horse, even though someone on Twitter commented that Bella looked like a giant puppy as she rolled around in the snow. If you have not seen the video of Bella, make sure you watch it so you can see what the excitement is all about.

According to other comments on social media, some people couldn't believe Bella was enjoying the snow that much.

When they found out the horse was from Florida, they understood why she was so fascinated. It was because it was a new experience for her.

The next time Bella sees snow, it will probably not be so strange to her. Since she is living in Michigan with her owner, more than likely she will see snow again this winter since it snows a lot in Michigan.

The average amount of snow in the Great Lakes State during the winter months from December to early March is about 84 inches. One year the state saw 233 inches of snow.

Bella, like the residents of the state, will get used to the snow that covers the ground most of the winter months. Even people who move there have to make an adjustment especially if they move from a much warmer place where it doesn't snow as much.