Morgan Joyce Varn, 24, was arrested recently along with another suspect in Lancaster County, S.C. on charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and property damage. She is currently sitting in Lancaster County Jail without bond. While this isn’t normally a story that would capture nationwide attention, her Mug Shot went viral on social media, basically because it looks so incredibly scary. In the mug shot, Varn can be seen to have bleached blond, streaky hair, tattoos all over her forehead, darkened lips and the most ominous-looking black eyes.

As noted in a report by the Charlotte Observer, social media went wild with speculation over her strange appearance, with several wondering if the mug shot was faked, after the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office posted her mug shot on Facebook – along with that of her partner in crime.

Social media rife with speculation over woman with black eyes

Several people on Facebook and Twitter launched a debate over her black eyes, wondering if her strange appearance was due to eye tattooing, a procedure where a dye is applied directly to the eyeball. But most simply found her appearance to be alarming, with several social media commenters suggesting a priest should maybe be called in. FOX5 Las Vegas apparently took note of Varn’s image and posted it on their Facebook page with a note reading “Here’s a Mugshot to Haunt Your Nightmare.”

Woman with black eyes arrested in Indian Land, S.C.

Varn was arrested with 23-year-old Johathan Mikael Robinson and two other adult males near Indian Land, S.C.

after a SWAT team launched an operation. Robinson is charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges after the pair held up a man at gunpoint, demanding his money and his cellphone. KTLA reports Varn was arrested after the SWAT team found her with a stolen weapon in her home on Monday night, along with ammunition and a fair amount of cash.

Not her first brush with the police

This wasn’t Varn’s first brush with police, however, although it was a completely different scenario this time. According to a report by the York Herald, deputies in South Carolina helped Varn to give birth to a baby girl back in 2015. Apparently Varn’s water broke and she went into labor before she was able to get to the hospital.

The deputies reportedly helped deliver her baby girl Nala in an ambulance. As can be seen from a video about the story, her appearance was somewhat different back then, leading people to wonder what happened between then and now.