As Christmas comes around, more and more kids write letters to santa, hoping to have their prayers answered. Most of the letters are just wish lists for the holiday, from new toys to the latest electronic devices. One young student wanted much more basic things, though. The fact that this student is so young makes the letter even more devastating. But the response has been just as uplifting. Needless to say, she and her family are going to be having a happy holiday.

Heartbreaking letter

A 7-year-old from Monte Cristo Elementary in Texas penned the original letter to Santa.

In the colored-in piece of paper, she wrote that she wanted food, a ball, and a blanket for Christmas. It never made it to the North Pole, though. Instead, it was intercepted by the young student's teacher. She decided to share the note on Facebook, looking to bring attention to the plight of some of her most vulnerable students.

More context was later given in regard to the letter. For starters, the girl was asking Santa selflessly for the ball, which was actually going to be for her brother. The teacher also disclosed that the needs the girl expressed weren't an isolated case in her district. Poverty and lack of basic supplies is a common problem for the area. But the teacher's Facebook post went viral.

What happened next was truly miraculous.

Santa substitutes come through

Santa may not have read the letter, but plenty of people read the Facebook post. Suddenly, the school became a hub for donations, led by the teacher herself. She helped to set up a donation drive at Monte Cristo Elementary. Suddenly, all the things the young student asked for began piling in.

Blankets, food, jackets - there was nothing these students were going to be going without for the holidays. The school received over 600 blankets, well on their way to provide one for every student.

The update provided by the teacher suggests that Santa truly is real. There were people out there more than ready to respond to a letter from a little girl in need.

And there was a little girl brave enough and selfless enough to put her needs into words, allowing her teacher to put words into action.

Writing letters to Santa always seemed a bit silly from an adult point of view: Those letters don't go anywhere except the mail carrier, who can get a good chuckle out of them. Turns out, the jolly fellow up north is watching over his citizens in the winter after all.