Curious Cat Zelda has garnered an incredible number of followers on Twitter, considering her lowly born status. After all, this not a cat from Hollywood. Zelda's Twitter profile describes her as a "hunter of house flies and keeper of string. Easily startled. Fish advocate. Often caught staring."

The Times UK brought Zelda's story to the attention of many cat lovers when they ran a story titled, "Curiosity won Zelda the cat thousands of followers."

Curious cat backstory

Zelda was rescued from a shelter after her new owner, Matt Taghioff, reacted to an animal shelter advert for a home.

The curious advert about the cat read, "don’t be put off by my spooked expression.” Zelda now lives with Matt in Beckenham, south London. Matt opened Zelda's Twitter account in 2015, and thousands of people just love her!

They fell in love with the startled expression on her face and Matt keeps her account posted with lots of images of his cat.

The cat has some quirky expressions and Matt manages to come up with some great quips and comments to keep cat lovers laughing. What's even better, is there is no cruelty involved in getting his cat to react, like some of the more infamous lolcats on YouTube.

Curious cat Zelda has got the stare down to perfection!

Zelda loves the camera

Since she's been on Twitter for a while now, the famous feline has got to like the camera quite a lot. She's fond of watching videos you see.

When she's not looking for the camera limelight, Zelda likes to rest up in the master bedroom.

Or she takes a stroll in the garden because there are some interesting things in the garden that will make your eyes pop!

Of course, after an exhausting day full of surprising things, it's a bit startling to drop off for a nap and wake up on the arm of the sofa.

A clever cat with the philosophy of Mr. Mistoffelees

Of course, we all know that until now there never was a cat as clever as Mr. Mistoffelees in 'Cats The Musical,' but Zelda seems to have made it into the ranks of the famous. I think she would fully relate to the famous soundtrack!

Zelda is not just thinking about a lot of things, the curious cat is actually contemplating parallel universes so that makes her pretty clever!

A feline government

When you reach the heights of popularity there's certainly no harm in thinking outside the box. Why not a feline prime minister? Is it time for Zelda to consider a change of direction in her career and get into politics?

Cats are such characters, but some cats are more full of surprises than others. The curious cat got thousands of followers who were curious about her curious expressions. Zelda rules!