Some people love hearing Christmas jingles, while others seriously hate it. 25 years later, Mariah Carey's holiday single "All I Want For Christmas" continues to sound all over the world during this time of the year. In fact, in 2017, Mariah Carey's single achieved the ninth spot on the Billboard Top 10's during this time of the year. This is the best position that the song has ever achieved ever since it was released half a century ago!

Mariah Carey is said to be one of, if not the most, successful singer of all time. She had a total of 18 top billboard hits, with her the number of sold records hitting more than 220 million all around the world.

Mariah's World

Some critics may argue that Mariah only comes to the spotlight during the holiday season every single year. But that may not necessarily be the case for her this year! In showbiz, Mariah had a reality show that wasn't that popular. Mariah's World, her reality series, was said to show her fans into a glimpse of her world. She showcased her life to the world, sending viewers journeying with her through her tours, and even gave a glimpse into her each of her family members. Despite allegedly being open into her world, many questions if this reality series is even real, as they think that whatever that was screened was an interpretation of her reflection of her own world. Because of that, the reality series would not be having a second season.

Thank goodness!

Breakup with billionaire fiancé

In her personal life, the most talked about was the breakup with her fiancé James Packer. In 2016, Mariah was engaged to her beau billionaire, James Packer, for nine months before they decide to call off the engagement. Even though their breakup initially seemed to be on amicable terms, Mariah was reported to be claiming a $50,000,000 inconvenience fee from him.

Even though she definitely did cancel her tour dates for James, and was clearing her schedules to accommodate to his, this inconvenience fee definitely is on the hefty side. Additionally, she also did not return the engagement ring to James, keeping the ring in her jewelry box to admire!

Throughout this episode, she also managed to somehow monetize it, and possibly to gain more publicity, to come up with an emotional song about her breakup with her billionaire fiancé James Packer.

Dating a new guy?

Following this breakup, Bryan Tanaka has entered the spotlight. The handsome Bryan often lurks behind Mariah at her performances as a backup dancer and the public are speculating the possibility of him being her new guy. But many fans are waiting for her to get back with Nick Cannon who recently seemingly dedicated a music video to Mariah, as he sang that he is "ain't over his ex."

Mariah's voice still the best?

Fans are also concerned about her bronchitis and the infamous awkward screw-up in the New Year's Eve concert. Even though this has banished her as a choir angel, she still maintains her position as the Queen of the Record World. She has to date, sold the most records, and has managed to retain her youthful looks. The fact is, that Mariah's Christmas single continues to play, putting a smile on faces as we sing along.