Every Christmas holiday season there are young children, or even adults for that matter, who manage to bring laughter and good cheer to nativity scenes.

It is the season of good cheer, so why not take a bit of time to watch these five funny nativity scenes. They may even make you cry with laughter, and what's better than a good belly laugh?

1. Mr. Bean's nativity scene

Mr. Bean is a professional comedian, so we would expect his nativity scene to be funny and he did not disappoint. Watch as he goes shopping, gets distracted by the nativity display, and in a few short minutes changes the whole narrative of Christmas and the baby Jesus.

2. The enthusiastic singer

This nativity scene posted by Christ Church Clifton, involved the cast of kids singing. Gathered on the stage were children all dressed up as shepherds and kings. When it came time to sing a carol, one little girl lost it. Watch the expressions on the faces of her co-stars!

3. The live animal nativity play

This nativity play shows why most people use plastic dolls or pretend sheep for their holiday celebration. But the United Methodist Church in Medford NJ. decided to go the live animal authentic route.They are only sheep right? - or to be more accurate in this case, goats. Watch as chaos erupts after one goat decides to join the angels.

4. Dog and a nativity gift

In this video, a cute little dog gets caught trying to hide a bone in the bedcovers.

When it gets called out, the little animal brings her bone and lays it next to the nativity scene. This a story that is cute and charming rather than funny, but hey, there's always room for cute and charming during the holidays.

5. The 2017 cat stealing nativity scene

The best is kept for the last. 2017, and Christmas is just around the corner.

13Today posted this brilliantly funny video. "New York-based photographer Brooke Goldman was dead on her feet when she saw one of the funniest sights of her life," they wrote by way of introduction.

The backstory is that Brooke was walking a friend to the train station at some late hour. Tried and a bit 'hazy,' wandering in a bit of a daze, she suddenly noticed a nativity scene in one of the buildings had an unusual occupant in the manger.

The occupant was a large and "grumpy" cat, she told the Dodo. And from the expression on the cat's face, he was more likely going to be "Grinch" than a "Joy to the World."

Take look at the video below to see grumpy cat's face and read some of the reactions from Twitter. It really is funny. (It makes us wonder - what happened to the baby Jesus?)