Emily Seawright posed with her family members for their annual holiday photo. Everyone is holding a sign in front of them which announces their current situations. Emily's parent's express they are excited, while the couple to their right indicate they are engaged. The next couple is holding a child in their arms and announce that they are expecting another. Ms. Seawright's sign simply has her name which announces that she is just Emily. The Christmas card immediately went viral because many single folks could easily relate. The image addressed that many do not like being single during this festive season.

The single life during the holidays

When you scan the television for holiday programming, you will notice that networks such as "TVOne," "Hallmark," and "Freeform," give the impression that Christmas is all about women being able to get a man. Movies have titles that indicate the goal for heterosexual women is to have a man, a fiancee, a husband, a father for your children. Emily Seawright obviously was feeling the pressure because everyone else in her photo was a couple, and she alone was single. Television commercials do not help because many are about diamonds, rings, necklaces and other jewelry that one would give to their significant other.

Television programs also emphasize having someone to kiss by the tree or under the mistletoe.

Everywhere you turn some indicators living the single life is not so fun during the Christmas season. Ms. Seawright put a humorous spin on a situation that can be quite painful. Her standing as an individual, besides three couples, brings to mind the children's game of "The farmer in the dell," when the last person is in the circle, and the boys and girls chant "The bone stands alone."

The humorous spin may help some get through the holidays

The holiday photo indicates that the old adage is true and a picture is indeed worth a thousand words or in this case many thousands of hits on the internet.

The Seawright Christmas card image elicited responses such as "We are all Emily" and "My current relationship status- "Emily." It's clear Ms. Seawright's enlightening attitude is resonating with unattached individuals everywhere.

Emily deciding to take the high road and poke fun at an uncomfortable predicament. Because she chose to express her sentiment in a very humorous manner, Ms.

Seawright just might help some who will be single during the holidays to look at a brighter side to their situation. Rather than dealing with the doldrums during what has been considered as a most wondrous time of the year.