The Holiday Season can hold a fun flurry of activities. Light displays, Christmas concerts, holiday programs, parties, and presents do make the season festive, and sometimes even romantic. But the rapid pace, stress, and plethora of sugary treats can take its toll on your health. Though colds and the flu seem to run rampant during the holidays, there are a few things you can do to give your body the boost it needs for a potentially healthy holiday season.

Drink plenty of water

Yes, even during the winter months and while you are still healthy, staying hydrated is your body's best defense against seasonal ailments, according to WebMD.

Plenty of water also helps with proper digestion of food and the removal of impurities. It can be easy to forget this basic defense when you're surrounded by holiday fun and fancy hot seasonal beverages, alcohol and soft drinks.

Consider more vitamin C and B complex

Being more intentional about adding vitamin C and B complex can boost your immune system health, energy level, and help decrease your stress level during the holidays. A few foods that contain vitamin C include many citrus fruits, as well as broccoli and natural potatoes. Vitamin B can be found in broccoli, salmon, spinach, bananas, and potatoes, to name a few sources.

A few helpful foods

Foods high in protein, such as peanuts, almonds, eggs, soy, and tuna, will also help to support a healthy immune system.

In addition, foods high in fiber, such as Romaine lettuce, carrots, collard greens, and apples will help balance out all the sugary sweets and help support your digestive health.

Get plenty of sleep

When your body doesn't get enough sleep, that deficiency can have a negative impact on your health, especially during the holidays.

Your body is more susceptible to colds and the flu when you let yourself get run down. Getting enough sleep is also helpful for keeping your stress level lower, controlling your weight, and enhancing your mood and memory.

Enjoying time with friends and family

You're likely visiting with a lot more Friends And Family during the holidays.

While you're hopefully enjoying all the socializing, it also means you're in more new environments that could influence your health. The most common ways that colds and the flu are transmitted are when you touch a surface that an infected person touched first. Frequent hand washing or sanitizer reduces the risk of illness.

Physical activity

This one doesn't have to be a drudgery. One of the best stress relievers on the planet is regular physical activity. And if you have a friend with the same interest, this can also be a fun time of being social. Activities such as hiking, walking, dancing, ice skating, Zumba, basketball or indoor volleyball are just a few great options.

A positive Quality Of Life is a part of what can make the holiday season a joy. The above are just a few options that can help you enjoy a healthier holiday season.