There are five truths that one may only become aware of by living in the region of the Shenandoah Valley. These facts may not be understood by outsiders who have never resided in the area of the Blue Ridge mountains. There is a culture and way of life that one can only relate to if they are now or have ever been a true Virginian. These curious ways are ingrained deep within the heart and natives of Virginia hold fast to the customs that have contributed to this neck of the woods. This is what gives this area of the United States it's charm and mystique.

Virginia is a Commonwealth where you must specify your location

The first thing true Virginians know is that they live in a Commonwealth rather than a state. This is a distinction that is also shared with Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Folk from Virginia are often quick to point this distinction out to those who were not aware of it. The term is supposed to mean that these regions are governed based on the common good and the common wealth of those who live there.

The second thing people from Virginia have in common is that when stating where they live, they will specify details that those from other parts of the United States don't. An example would be an individual who says they live in South West Virginia within the Blue Ridge mountains, on Main Street in North West Roanoke in the Cove road district.

This may sound extreme to outsiders, but it is quite normal in this neck of the woods.

Virginians love custom plates, and students also have required field trips

From at least the late 1960's every child who has attended public elementary school within the Commonwealth of Virginia have had at least one required field trip to Colonial Williamsburg and also to Busch Gardens theme park, which is in the same area.

Virginia school students living in the Shenandoah Valley also for a time had to make a trek to Chapel Hill North Carolina to the Planetarium.

A number of Virginia residents utilize specialized custom license plates on their vehicles. The options range from personalized tags to specialty plates that may have the state bird which is the cardinal, the dogwood which is the state flower or any number of other choices.

If you pay attention there, seem to be more custom plates on the highways than traditional ones.

Most Virginians cannot be contained within four walls

The fifth and most distinctive thing about folks from Virginia is the fact that many simply cannot be contained within four walls. This is especially true in the Southwestern part of the state. Numerous hiking trails stretch throughout the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Greenways are also increasing in the area which gives additional opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. Residents in this area love walking, jogging and hiking. Even in the cities, it is normal to see people jogging down the streets year round.

You will recognize a true Virginian because they love the great outdoors, have had the field trip to Colonial Williamsburg, refers to the state as a Commonwealth, gives specified details of where he or she lives and has a personalized tag on their vehicle.