Are you looking for a unique and extraordinary place to go for your next trip? Have you always wanted to go to an indoor amusement park or what about a beautiful cathedral? If so, then taking a trip to one of these unique places will keep you coming back for more memories and more fun. From exploring a park to reaching the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world, the adventure in your trip starts when you go to a place that is different, but memorable. Below are ten places that will give you an idea on where to plan your next trip.

1. IMG Worlds of Adventure

This indoor amusement park, in the City of Arabia, is fun for the whole family. From the different Marvel Avengers' rides to the dinosaur rides, children love to ride these roller coasters over and over again. If you are someone who loves scary places, then the Haunted Hotel may appeal to you. At this hotel, you will encounter scary characters as well as a ghoulish backdrop.

If enjoying the Haunted Hotel is not enough for you, then the Spiderman’s Dock Ock's Revenge ride, may be the ride that will give you a thrill. On this entertaining ride, you will get to see Spiderman swing through and stop Dr. Octopus from stealing the city’s energy supply. The 3-D effects on this ride will make you fall in love with roller coasters.

Have you always wanted to see dinosaurs roam the Earth? Well, Forbidden Territory, will give you the ride of your life and let you explore the forbidden territory on this thrill ride full of dinosaurs and fun. At IMG Worlds of Adventure, you will love the entertainment that is different from other amusement parks.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art presents over 5,000 years of art from around the world. Not only does this museum grace New York City with some of the most beautiful art in the world, it also has ongoing programs, such as studio workshops and artist demonstrations.

You can also enjoy a free lecture or a guided art tour at this museum as well as festivals or benefit events.

During your visit, you will have the chance to embrace everything from paintings and sculptors to clothing and pianos. This museum has a view of beauty that draws in people from all over. If you are a Picasso lover, you will be able to admire some of his most beautiful paintings, such as the Frugal Repast and his painting titled Gertrude Stein.

The House of Dior is always a nice way to see some of the most beautiful and vintage clothing if you are a lover of fashion. Taking in the beauty of the Maria-Luisa (dita Core) dress or the Venus dress will leave you in awe. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a museum of many generations meant for many generations. You will not be disappointed with this visit to the most unique museum in the world.

3. The Great Blue Hole

If you are interested in seeing something of natural beauty from nature, then taking a visit to Belize, is a place for you to see one of the most beautiful pieces of natural beauty. The Great Blue Hole is located 60 miles off of the coast of Belize and is circular in shape and blue in color. It originally formed as a limestone cave, but as the ocean rose, the cave system flooded and collapsed, creating a vertical cave in the ocean.

The hole is so popular, that divers love coming to Belize just to see it. Jacques Cousteau, an undersea explorer, declared The Great Blue Hole the top ten best diving places in the world in 1971. Being part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, many have said that the deeper they went, the more clear and more complex it became.

Coming to Belize to see this beautiful blue hole, can be at the top of your list of unique vacation trips to take. This is a site worth remembering.

4. Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Taking a trip to an old city in a unique country can take your breath away. The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is one of the most famous landmarks in the country. With the Gothic Quarter being the heart of the city, it features buildings, dated from the Roman times up until the 20th century. Along with bars, clubs, and Catalan restaurants being embraced by this part of the city, the Gothic Quarter is also home to the Museum of History of Barcelona.

The museum is on a street known as Placa del Rei or better known as King’s square, which is known as a charming and lively atmosphere.

If you are wanting more than just a typical trip for vacation, then going to the Gothic Quarter will be the different kind of trip you are looking for.

5. The Colosseum

Visiting Rome, one of the most beautiful and historical countries in the world, is always a favorite for travelers. The Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, was built under the Flavian empire. Construction on this historic building began between 70 and 72 CE. Dedicated by Titus in 80 CE, there was a ceremony that included 100 days of games.

The uppermost story of the Colosseum was completed by Domitian in 82 CE. The amphitheater seated 50 thousand people and was the scene of the hand-to-hand combat between gladiators, men and animals, and bigger groups of combatants.

Even though the Colosseum still stands tall, it has been damaged by lightning, earthquakes, and vandalism. If you decide to go to Rome to see this piece of unique history, you will be one of seven million visitors intrigued by the building that still stands after all of these years.

6. The Louvre Museum

Have you ever wondered where the world’s largest art museum was? Well if you are wanting to take a trip to Paris, France, then taking a trip the Louvre Museum, the world’s largest art museum will make you fall in love with art all over again.

This historical monument has everything from art exhibitions to guided tours. If you are curious about the collection or the richness of the artwork in the Louvre Museum, then you can always visit the website before going and check out the Visitor Trails page.

However, if you would rather go, and just walk around and take in the true beauty of art, then you will be able to see the paintings and sculptors as well as Egyptian antiquities and decorative arts.

When you go to the Louvre Museum, you will have the opportunity to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s, world famous, Mona Lisa painting. If you adore sculpts from different countries, then you may like the Milon de Crotone, by Pierre Puget. This museum also has the touch gallery, where the blind and the visually impaired as well as children can take part in touching the casts of the museum’s artwork. Taking a trip to this uniquely beautiful museum will give you your most treasured memories for years to come.

7. Jemaa el Fna Square

The Jemma el Fna Square, located in Morocco, is like no other place in the world. A place where you can keep coming back during your visit, this is one of the most unique places to visit in the world. During the morning hours, you will see a handful of snake charmers and medical men. However, if you are there in the afternoon, then you will get to see the square really come to life, with storytellers, acrobats, musicians, and artists.

Some storytellers may have you take part in the storytelling, which can be fun for many tourists. Along with the storytelling, other tourist attractions include hoop bottle games and fortune tellers. Women with piping bags full of henna paste for painting hands, feet, and arms with tattoos are also apart of the attraction.

Coming to this square will bring tourism to mind in a whole new way. Jemaa el Fna Square will be what brings you back every time you visit Morocco.

8. Statue of Liberty

Are you interested in taking a trip to New York? How about seeing the monument that makes New York what it is? If so, then taking a visit to the Statue Of Liberty can be the perfect tourist visit while in New York. You will be able to embrace this beautiful piece of history that is known by the entire U.S. as the Statue of Liberty. This monument started out as an idea in 1865 by a Frenchman named, Edouard de Laboulaye, who proposed it to the United States.

Ten years after the idea was proposed Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was commissioned to design the monument.

The first name given to the statue was “Liberty Enlightening the World,” and it was a joint effort between America and France. After failed fundraisers proved to be too expensive between the two countries in order to finish the Statue of Liberty, the United States Lighthouse Board took over the Statue of Liberty in 1887 and pledged to install equipment to enhance the statue’s torch. However, even with the improvements that were made, they did not work.

Only when Bartholdi returned to the United States in 1893 and made suggestions that helped the torch shine brightly, did these corrections to the statue work. The Statue of Liberty is a piece of history that continues to intrigue the visitors who come to take in the beauty.

9. Notre-Dame de Paris

If you love Gothic historic buildings, then you will love the Notre-Dame de Paris. Considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, the Notre-Dame de Paris is historically known, because in 1909, Joan of Arc was beatified there by Pope Pius X.

The name Notre Dame means “Our Lady.” Once you get inside this well-known cathedral, you will be embraced by artwork, furniture, and many other valuable things that mirror the Neo-Gothic design. Visitors are also able to attend mass as well as admire the look of the cathedral. This religious site was completed in 1345, but it has been restored over time, with the most recent restoration taking place between 1991 and 2001. Going to the Notre Dame in Paris will be a trip worth remembering.

10. Central Park

Have you ever wondered where the most popular park in the world is? If you ever wanted to visit New York and explore the city, then Central Park would be the most popular place to visit. This man-made park was the first public park built in America. On your visit to this park, you will not only see monuments, fountains, and sculptures, but also many different kinds of birds.

You will be able to see the many bridges and arches that help make this park the beauty that it is. Along with seeing the musicians that liven the park up or the athletes that work out, you will be able to skate, dribble, pedal, row, or climb as much as you want and if that does not warm your heart, know that you will be one of 25 million guests who will get to see what makes this park so popular.

This list will help you plan your next big trip. Whether it is your first visit to one of these places or a return for good times, you will have fun and memories to last for years to come. Explore the different and new and celebrate the unique beauty of what the trip may bring.