Taking a vacation throughout the year can be fun, especially if you already know where to go during that special time of year when you go. In the summertime, many tourists may find that their visits will lead them to hot summer spots, such as Brazil or Florida. While in the winter, some may go to places like New York or Paris, do you ever wonder where to take a vacation in the Fall?

Some countries may have their yearly fall events that is meant to bring millions from around the world in and other countries are great to go to just for the scenery.

However, if you find yourself in debate about where to go for the fall, then there are a list of places that may end the debate.


According to Expert Africa, Tanzania is a beautiful country just south of the equator, Tanzania is a country that has a complex weather pattern. During the months of March, April, and May, the rain lasts the entire time and this rainy season is known as the long rain, but from June until October, rain is unusual to see and the temperatures vary.

With these fall months, tourists usually like to see the Serengeti's great wildebeest migration, which is linked to the rain. This migration is accompanied by large numbers of zebras as well as smaller numbers of Grant’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle, eland, and impala.

This migration is such a great attraction, that visitors come just to see the animals move up north.

Another tourist attraction that seems to bring many to Tanzania, is Mount Kilimanjaro. If you are a climber you would love to climb this mountain. the best time to do it would be during the dry months, which is during the fall season.

Although it is colder during these months, it is dryer and you will have the opportunity to take on the challenge of climbing Africa’s highest mountain.


If you are wanting to go somewhere where you can swim during the fall months, then Croatia would be the perfect place for you. The weather tends to be milder and you will also be able to take in the beauty of the Plitvice Lakes from October 15 until November 30.

You may even want to visit Dubrovnik, the most famous city in Croatia, for the various events that keep the city alive. One of the events that may peak your interest that takes place in this beautiful city, is the Good Food Festival. The festival draws people from all over the world. Another event that you can embrace once you visit Croatia is the Dubrovnik Film Festival. The trip to Croatia during the fall will give you memories for years to come.


Have you ever wanted to see Germany in the Fall? Well, that would be the perfect time to visit, according to Trip Savvy. One city that should be visited anytime you visit, is Munich, which is home to the world’s premier Oktoberfest. This festival is considered the world’s biggest party and has inspired many festivals around the world.

You can celebrate in this big party with food, beer, music, fun outfits, and make fun memories.

If you are wanting to take a hike or see true natural beauty, then visiting Jasmund National Park is the place to go. After taking a long hike through this park, you can enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea. Another beautiful and interesting place to see, when taking your Fall visit in Germany, is Alsfeld. This 600km fairytale route was inspired by the Brothers Grimm, who are known for many of the famous fairy tales around the world.

Guests who are wanting to see a different side of Germany will be intrigued by the home of Little Red Riding Hood and how it all started. Another German city that you should take in is Berlin.

During the autumn tourists always have the chance to see the Festival of Lights, which is when 100 of the capital’s top sights are illuminated with various 3D projections. It is another way to see one of the world’s greatest cities in a different way.


If you have the need to go somewhere colorful, yet charming for the fall season, Geeky Explorer suggests Portugal, may be the place to embrace. When visiting Portugal in autumn, you will be able to explore the landscapes as well as see all of the beautiful colors that make this country truly beautiful.

During these autumn months, you can enjoy a taste of wine or a game of golf if you are a golf lover. If you would rather visit a festival instead, then you can go to the National Gastronomy Festival, which hosts a wide range of delicacies from herbs and spices, to cheeses and convent sweets, as well as fresh fish.

The Azores islands are also good to visit, because of the celebrations that take place there as well. You can soothe your soul at the Angra do heroismo jazz festival which takes place from October 1 through to October 3 and includes live music as well as art exhibitions. So if you want to experience art, music, wine, and beauty during a nice time of year, then Portugal is a great place to visit.


Is visiting Italy something you have always wanted to do? If so, then the best time to visit this well known romantic country, is in autumn. During the fall season, visitors will have the opportunity to embrace the many festivals that take place around the country.

Many of these festivals are food festivals, celebrating everything from wine to chocolate and truffles.

If you are trying to find a place to go to wash the food down, then going wine tasting at the wine vineyards around the country would be good to visit.

One of the best parts about going to Italy in autumn is taking a long walk and sightseeing, which is great because the tourists that pack the tourist attractions during the summer are not there to make it overcrowded. With these fall months come the Rome Film Festival, Montecatini Opera Festival, and Bologna Jazz Festival. It doesn’t matter what you like, there is something to do and enjoy for every visitor who explores Italy.

Taking a visit around the world may be a new concept, but doing it at a time of year when the tourist season is over, can be great.

You will have the opportunity to take in the beauty and the history around you as well as learn how to appreciate the colors and the season. Exploring different places in the autumn season will open up your eyes to what true beauty is once, you get to a country that loves to share it.