Christmas is all about finding holiday wonderment, like Buddy the Elf does in the classic film "Elf." Everyone has their own way of doing this. Some people like to give gifts to make the special people in their lives happy. Other people drink all the eggnog they can until their drunk with holiday spirit. One WWE wrestler is taking a different approach: he's pretending to be the very character that people loved so much. Braun Strowman doesn't seem like the obvious candidate for this role, but he fills it to perfection.

Braun the Elf

On Thursday, the WWE put out a three and a half minute Christmas parody.

In this video, Strowman shines in all his glory. Despite his hulking frame, his performance gives off the feeling of a little kid when it's time to open the gifts. His foil is played by Drew Gulak (who, ironically, is Jewish). There's no need to be concerned about the elf who stands tall at 6-foot-8 and 385 pounds. He's very innocent.

Now it doesn't appear that this was shot in New York City. Otherwise, it's practically a shot-for-shot remake of one of the more iconic scenes in "Elf." It's impeccable. Strowman appears downright giddy, ready to throw down in a way reminiscent of when Will Ferrell battled Peter Dinklage in the actual movie.

When it's time for violence to erupt, however, the screen fades to black. A cacophony of noise portends a beating at the hands of the WWE star, but perhaps the producers felt it would be a bad look to show him actually beating somebody.

More Christmas parodies

Strowman and the WWE aren't the only players getting in on the Christmas parody game.

Unsurprisingly, "Saturday Night Live" decided to take aim at holiday movies, particularly the ones that air on the Hallmark Channel. The parody actually didn't air on NBC - the moment from the James Franco episode was cut for time. The send-up was hilarious, though, noting how all of the Hallmark Channel movies seem to echo the same premise and even use the same sets and actors.

The reigning Stanley Cup champions also got in on the act. The Pittsburgh Penguins come out with a holiday video every year. This time around, their holiday video riffed on the classic "A Christmas Story."

All of these efforts are strong, but they pale in comparison to that of Braun Strowman and his WWE backing. Whether that's because of superior source material or superior execution, he owns the title of 'Best Christmas Parody' in 2017.