Christmas is a holiday full of cheer, love, compassion, and endless adjectives. And yet, although we do not like to admit it, sometimes it can be full of stress due to the demands or standards we put on ourselves for others. We want everything to be of utter perfection, or in accordance to our plans and then in the midst of it all, it becomes easy to forget and enjoy the moment or even seek out the fun during the holidays. Luckily, seeking out the fun during Christmas time in Central Florida is easy, and most are affordable, if not free, de-stressors.

Winter Park and Aloma Christmas homes

I personally love looking at Christmas lights. Something about the lights flickering on and off, or the way that people decide to decorate (as I can imagine it took them time, effort and consideration), to even the memories it brings you back to. They ultimately make you so happy and tunes you into that particular moment.

Two homes in the Winter Park, Central Florida area seem to do just that, if not above and beyond. One home, in particular, located in Winter Park, The Orlando Sentinel tells us, is "adorned with 250,000 lights" and the owners love to see the reactions and faces of the ones who enter their home.

If you stay in the area, located at 5651 Garden Grove Circle, Winter Park, FL is another beautiful home, which I have been to myself.

I try to go every year. It is a place with a mistletoe, and on their porch, windows an, driveway, every spot is filled with lights, figures, and mesmerizing sights. It is a sight I personally have never forgotten. They accept donations at different parts of their attractions and credit God and love for the creation of this joyful sight.

Waterford Lakes and Light Up UCF Fairs

Both Waterford Lakes towncenter and Light Up Ucf have similar intentions; opportunites for one to create memories. Making it a tad bit easier on their visitors, both venues and locations offer free parking and essentially create a night full of variety for those with different tastes. From rides (which can range from prices $5 and above) to shows, to just the decorations themselves, both fairs create memories you will not want to miss out on.

Christmas traditions

Just like dear Olaf in the new Disney Animated short tries to find traditions to bless Anna and Elsa with, the following is a tradition I grew up with and still hear about today. It may be one you may or may not have heard of. I am Puerto-Rican, and in Puerto Rico, as well as in many hispanic cultures, we have these things called "Parrandas." It is similar to the concept of caroling but instead of it being truly early on in the night, in most cases, it is done much later on at night.

Whether at 2 AM or 3 AM, you grab your family and friends, musical instruments, and your joy, while going from home to home to sing songs, and hopefully adding more and more people to your group.

You can be on-key, off-key, or just have a key intention to make someone smile, but this tradition is free, and one that people seem to cherish. I know that I do. (You can also check out the different traditions others may cherish around the wold right here.)

Overall activities

Christmas is full of activities and opportunities, and ultimate joy. In Central Florida, we find that these activities are right in our neighborhood, and if not, it's right in our hands for us to make. Take advantage of the time that you have and see these attractions, de-stress from all of the shopping and see all of the joy that awaits you. You will not regret it.