Friday saw one Navy Pilot getting totally creative over Okanogan County, Washington. He (or she) mischievously sketched a massive phallic image in the sky, leading to plenty of amusement, but also condemnation, from the general public and Navy bosses.

‘Absolutely unacceptable’ behavior by Navy pilot

Officials at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island told KREM Channel 2 News that they hold their aircrew to the highest of standards. For this reason, they found the random skywriting to be “absolutely unacceptable,” and of “zero training value.” The statement went on to say officials are holding the crew concerned accountable for the prank.

Some local residents were impressed, with Twitter user Anahi Torres describing the appearance of a giant phallic shape in the sky to be a “monumental” happening in Omak, Okanogan County.

Taking a different angle, another Twitter user, Adam Gessaman, posted an image of the human genitalia sketch, merely pointing out that some Navy pilots from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island had done some skywriting that day.

However others were not impressed at all by the appearance of the skywriting.

A mother sent images of the skywriting and told KREM 2 that she was deeply upset, and worried that she may have to explain the phallic image to her kids.

Name of naughty pilot has not been released

As for the Navy, they have not released the identity of the artistic pilot and there was no mention of what punishment they may face for the stunt, but the Washington Post pointed out that it was pilots from Electronic Attack Squadron 130 of NAS Whidbey Island who were responsible for the prank.

Task & Purpose report that the incident will probably be handled internally by the Navy, but added that while sketches of penises in the sky may be offensive, there is nothing illegal about it. KREM 2 quotes FAA officials as saying that unless the act itself poses some kind of safety risk, there’s nothing they can do about it.

While the phallic image looks pretty convincing, KREM 2 did consider the possibility that it was not intentionally made in the shape of Male Genitalia. They theorize the pilot may have had something else in mind while swirling and swooping over Okanogan County. They describe the images they received from various sources as being sky drawings of what some consider to be male genitalia.

However, Task & Purpose, who say they have closely scrutinized the images, say it’s pretty clear-cut - they are 100 percent certain the drawing represents what they call a giant dong.