Waist Training involves the use of a steel boned corset to modify your waist thus achieving a curvaceous body shape. The concept behind waist training is to produce a classic hourglass shape. Even though the truth is that you cannot change the size of your hips, adhering to the best waist training exercises can help you get rid of extra layers of fat. It can help you lose the love handles around your waist and achieve a desirable curvy shape you have always dreamed.

Steel boned corsets serve different reasons and are worn in many varying situations.

Some will wear them under clothing for posture and back support while others simply wear them as a fashion statement, but the majority of the female population wears it to achieve that curvature that turns heads during special events.

It is important to note that waist training has nothing to do with weight reduction, spot reducing or even doing AB exercises. But, the hourglass shape through the use of a waist trainer is as a result of moving the floating ribs and also the reduction of the space in the abdomen.

Does waist training work?

Some of the most frequent questions many people ask are; does waist training work? How long will it take before I achieve good results from waist training? Several factors determine the efficiency of waist training, and they include Genetics.

1. Genetics

The answer to whether waist shapers will work highly on you depends on your genes. You will be able to get rid of some inches through a waist trainer, but it is important to remember that not all women are built the same. Some can consume plenty of carbs and get away with it, but others will only take a few grams of bread and watch the carbs sit heavily on their hips.

Muscle Tone,

Water Retention, and Fat Distribution

Compared to fat, muscle is often thicker, and if you are more muscled around the abdomen, it will only take you longer periods to achieve a smaller waist. However, this should not worry you, since there are specific exercises that can help you stretch your tendons, ligaments and work out your muscles for you to achieve a significant small waist you always wanted.

Additionally, there are two types of body fats; there is subcutaneous fat found underneath the skin and located directly above the muscles. On the other hand, there is the visceral fat found underneath the abdominal muscles and in the internal organs. If your body comprises of more visceral fats, it will take extra efforts to achieve the desired results. But, the results will be achieved easier if your body comprises of subcutaneous fat which is easier to get rid of.

Furthermore, if your body retains much water, it is highly likely that you will need extra efforts. However, this should not worry you, as it is pretty easy to lose water weight than fat weight. You can do waist training and incorporate it with some aerobic exercise program for smaller waist within a short period.

What should you adhere to for fast and effective results? There are several factors that you should consider to achieve a fast and efficient waist taming results.

Regular Exercise

Exercising while using a trainer encourages perspiration around your waist and is a great way of streamlining your waist. Remember sweating more translates to a physically active body.

Create a Healthy Eating Plan

Even if you are exercising conscientiously while wearing your abdomen shaper, you will not maintain your desired shape if you do not stick to a sensible meal plan. However, this does not mean that the eating plan should be inflexible or a no fun eating plan, but instead, it should be healthy, sensible and also sustainable.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Remember that a waist trainer will only work best if it plays a supplementary role to an exercise regimen and a healthy diet. Even if you wear your shaper day in day out but still consume high-calorie snacks, you will not achieve the desired results.

On the other hand, if you use an abdomen shaper that causes you to perspire profusely and still perform intense aerobic exercise on a routine, you can be sure that you will achieve the desired results.

Are there any risks associated with waist training?

Well, you will encounter plenty of critics claiming how dangerous a corset can be or even how waist training can ultimately change civilization as we know it. However, the truth is that it is possible to use a corset safely without damaging your body.

The key trick with waist training is not to take it to extremes. The concept of no pain no gain does not apply when it comes to waist shaping, and if your corset causes you pin, then loosen it or take it off. Here are some of the cons of using a waist trainer.

Acid reflux

Your intestines, esophagus, and stomach form a complex network in your abdomen. In other words, extreme compression from a waist trainer could cause poor digestion and even Acid Reflux. It is recommended not to tighten your corset or simply remove it during mealtimes, to avoid cases of acid reflux,


A corset can be uncomfortable, especially if you are not used on the tightening. Always make sure that the corset is the right size, and avoid exercising in it.

Additionally, you should feel the garment lift and support your abdomen, but should not exert a downward pressure.

Shallow Breathing

This is often as a result of a waist cincher or corset that is too tight, thus restricts the diaphragm and forces shallow breaths, a situation similar to pregnancy when a baby does the same thing from the inside the womb.

Visible underclothing

Waist trainers were designed in an era when women's clothing fit entirely differently than it does in the modern days. If you are trying to go waist training without drawing attention from the public, it is recommended that you pick the right style that fits better and also wear clothes that cloak it.

Waist training can be addictive

Sounds weird right? However, some women often become obsessed with achieving a curvaceous body and take waist training exercises to the extreme ends.

Bottom line

It is important to note that waist trainers will not have permanent effects on waist shape size or even appearance. Even though they will make you look slim while you wear them, you will at some point have to put up with some discomfort and to some extent some health risks. However, if you want tighter abs, you can incorporate basic exercises such as twisting crunches and planks.