Any Dog lover knows that their canine friends sniff out the darndest things, but Julie Edwards was totally shocked by the discovery made by Molly, her Basset Hound, on Brean Beach in Somerset recently. While enjoying a walk on the beach, Edwards noticed that Molly had something in her mouth and fully expected it to be a dead bird or something similar; however it turned out to be something completely different. To Edwards, the object Molly had uncovered looked very much like a fully intact human penis and testicles..

Dog finds what looked like a human penis and testicles on the beach

As reported by the Metro, Julie Edwards was walking Molly on the beach on September 25 when it happened. She said she noticed her dog had found something on the sand and could see Molly was about to roll it around on the beach. Edwards added that Molly normally finds things like dead birds or maggots on the beach, so she ran to stop her, finding the object her dog had found looked like something entirely different.

Edwards immediately informed the beach warden, who reported the discovery to the Avon and Somerset Police, who are now trying to identify the unusual find. However, Edwards herself is convinced the genitalia were human, telling Somerset Live that she believes it was an intact human penis and testicles.She told the newspaper that later on she became upset, thinking that the find could belong to someone’s family member.

However, police are yet to identify the find as being human or related to some other animal.

Police handed the dog’s find over to the coroner for investigation

According to a police statement released at the time, Avon and Somerset Police said they had been called out to Warren Road in Brean after what were possibly human remains washed up on the beach.

The statement continued by saying the matter had been referred to the local coroner, while they and the coroner were carrying out inquiries to try and determine exactly what Molly the Basset Hound had found on the beach.

Molly’s discovery could be an animal body part or a mineral?

While it is unclear what state the object was in when discovered by the dog, a spokeswoman for Avon and Somerset Police later said in a later report that their investigations had revealed that it was most likely not a human body part, adding that it could belong to some kind of animal, or might even be a mineral.

The spokeswoman added that it will take some time to figure out the mystery.

Naturally, some Twitter users have reacted comically to Molly's discovery.