When you take into consideration some of your fondest recollections from childhood, a very good chunk of them most likely consist of the cartoons and animated television shows that you were fond of, and that were acclaimed and at the peak of popularity at that moment, although a good share of them still exist and are ongoing today. You most likely won't feel all the same about your favorite animated television show by Adult Swim by the time you’re done with this article.

Sculpting the unimaginable

Australian digital artist Wil Hughes, who studies animation at Griffith University in Brisbane, has a one of a kind ability.

Him being an artist and illustrator unlike any other turns adored, typically family-friendly popular culture symbols into nightmarish evil presences that appear as though they tore open their path straight out from the depths of hell into our mortal realm.

In the event that you've never been frightened of Homer Simpson, Family Guy, Monsters Inc, Spongebob Squarepants, Where's Waldo, or your favorite Rage Comic memes sometime recently, you will be scarred for life after you’re done with the list we have put together of "Rick and Morty".

However, let's be realistic, we were each of the little creeped out by clowns without a shred of a doubt, in this case, we speak of none other than Ronald McDonald.

Extending his artistic expertise to make timely recreations and three-dimensional renders of iconic characters from "Rick and Morty," Wil Hughes has yet again demonstrated his limitless skill and his love for the show.

Show me what you got

#1. King Jellybean

#2. Plumbus

#3. Ants in my eyes Johnson.

#4. Testicle Monster and Chris

#5. Scary Terry

#6. Mister Poopy Butthole!

#7. Mister Meeseeks

#8. Rick Sanchez

#9. Morty Smith

#10. Pickle Rick

#11. Noob Noob

Tricks of the Trade

Through his amazing utilization of shading, he makes practical surfaces that give his shocking illustrations a 3D look of unparalleled finesse and intricacy that captures the true nature and characteristics of the subject.

Wil’s inspiration to dabble in his uniquely grotesque art style comes from his fondness to old cartoons which go by the likes of the infamous “Ren and Stimpy,” and fairly new YouTube animated shorts like “Salad Fingers” by animator David Firth. What will come as a huge surprise to a lot of us is the fact that Wil is self-taught in his art form.

Thoroughly mindblowing.

In spite of the fact that Hughes' work is unquestionably agitating, he's produced a significant fan base, and they contend that it's peculiar and unique. Look at it at your own risk, and prepare yourselves to never look at "Rick and Morty" the same way you used to. So long, sanity.