Adult Swim has been busy effectively developing the buildup for the arrival of the third installment of the show with like never before seen or heard of updates. Strong advancement as far as effective marketing is concerned.

As genuinely regular, we convey it upon ourselves to keep the fandom drew in and flourishing with new data and updates on the "Rick and Morty" multiverse. We have something somewhat more engaging in store for you in this article.

Additional promotions by Fans

The ever so loyal and relentlessly dedicated fan base of the show have been monumental in adding unfathomable and much needed momentum to the show during its long hiatus and periods of unavoidable radio silence.

The wonderful beings of C-137 have come up with a plethora of ways to keep the show’s hype alive as the dreadful weight continued.

In incredible means of channeling their carefully and masterfully honed talents shines the name of one particular individual who we think, by all means, has provided a tribute to "Rick and Morty" that is so outlandishly peculiar, that it will leave you with an equal sense of awe and jeepers creepers.

Who we speak of, is a young lad from the UK who goes by the name Will Hughes. This young lad has put his peculiar skill of being a 3D artist and made some of the most jaw-droppingly insane three-dimensional renditions of characters from the "Rick and Morty" multiverse.

Show me what you got!

Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you from Will Hughes. Behold the Cromulons!


King Jellybean looking creepier than ever.

The attention to detail is astonishing!


Or try a Plumbus on for size. This should do a whole lot of convincing that this young fella is a mad genius.


Salesman of the year goes to Ants in my eyes Johnson.


Who could forget the 5th-dimensional testicle monster and his wackadoo shenanigans?


Or Scary Terry for that matter? Incredible, isn’t it?


Onward to friendlier faces. Here’s an uber realistic Mister Poopy Butthole.


And here’s Mister Meeseeks! Look at Him!

#8 & #9

What's the rundown of versions without adored grandpa-grandson duo?

Inadequate is the word. The outer character characteristics have been splendidly caught and safeguarded, making every version more and more persuading.


Here’s Pickle Rick signing off for the day. Less than 24 hours, everyone. See you all on the other side. Keep it real, and prepare yourselves to GET SCHWIFTY!!