When I started a blogging career, I had these tender thoughts that my next month's salary would come from my website. I was trying all I could possibly do, sharing my posts on different Social Networking Sites and forums. I was getting little traffic, even though I thought they were good. I was getting about three hundred daily visitors and some days my post went viral and I got four thousand blog views.

You can imagine how happy I was that day, thinking that was the best. After that day, my blog saw a revolution and I started getting some decent traffic.

I purchased my first custom domain and became like any other blogger. It was after blogging for about a month that I had a rethink. My data subscription was consuming a lot of Money monthly, yet I was not getting anything back. I knew it was time to start making money back from the blog and I started looking for a way. I really wanted to have a work from home career but didn't know how.

How can I start making money from my blog?

I started surfing the internet to know how the big bloggers make their own money. It was after years of research that I came to discover five Ways through which you can enjoy the benefits a blogging career. I knew you could make money from social networking sites like Instagram but I wasn't making any.

1. Put ads on your blog

Newspapers, magazines, radio and other news sources make money by advertising for organizations and you too can do that. You might not be getting so much traffic as to contact advertisers directly, however you can still get ads on your blog. You can sign up for third party websites that would act as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers.

You no longer have to meet advertisers but their ads will bring life to your blog with the aid of a code you place on your webpage. Traffic that you generate is tracked via some special codes and you are paid according to that. Some pay-per-clicks and others pay by impression. Some sites that offer this are Google Ads, Chitika and Infolinks.

2. Start affiliate marketing

You don't need much traffic to start this. You need to know the kind of readers you have and know what they would like to purchase. You can promote music, movies, clothes, gadgets and even digital products like e-books. You are given a special link that will be used to track sales made through your referrals and paid as agreed. Amazon is a typical example of sites that can help you achieve this.

3. Sell your products

Selling products has given me a lot of money from my blog. I sell my e-books on my blog and deliver immediately via a site called Gumroad. All I do is to go to their site, upload my e-book, set my price and get a link to the purchase page. I can even embed it on my blog to make it look more professional.

Payments are made via PayPal and credit card. I also deliver directly to my customers via email when they pay through bank transfer.

If you can write relevant e-books, then you too can make a lot of money selling them online. You can also sell other digital products like podcast and videos. I have even seen sites that sell branded cups and clothes as a way of making money from their site.

4. Promoting your business

You will not have to pay for promotions again if you have a nice blog. All you do is to run targeted ads and set your blog as the landing page. You generate money from both the traffic and your own business. Some businesses that you can promote this way include freelancing, graphics designing, photography and so on.

5. Sell direct ad spaces

If you have decent and well-targeted traffic, I suggest you set up an "advertise here" page to let your visitors know that they can advertise on your site. You can even display a little banner ad with the inscription to create your awareness. Your "advertise here" page should contain detailed information about your site such as your traffic data, sources, countries and so on. Be careful to avoid telling lies because there are many tools online through which they would verify that data to know if they are actually genuine.