Emotional support animals are a wonderful thing – to their owners especially – however, sometimes things can go horribly wrong. In the latest “you just can’t make this up” news, a couple of people have faced, or are facing, problems due to the actions of their support animals. While most people would imagine a dog as an emotional Support Animal, one woman was booted off a US Airways plane over her brown Pig, while a guy in Florida is facing eviction over his squirrel.

Brown pig runs wild in the aisles

As reported by the Toronto Sun, a woman was on a US Airways flight from Connecticut with her emotional support pig, when things went horribly wrong.

According to Jonathan Skolnik, who was also on the flight, when the woman got onto the plane, many thought she was carrying a duffel bag. However, Skolnik reckoned that once they could smell it – and it starting oinking – they realized it was a pig. Some said the brown pig weighed as much as 70 lbs.

The Sun quotes Skolnik as telling ABC News that the woman tethered her emotional support pig to the armrest next to him and was getting her stuff sorted out, but the pig started pacing. The animal eventually escaped his or her tethering and started running up and down the aisles, just like a naughty kid.

Attempts to strap the errant pig down didn’t go well, so it ended up with the woman tossing the animal over her shoulder and leaving the plane.

Florida man faces eviction over emotional support squirrel

A man in Clearwater, Fl., is facing eviction after people have complained about his emotional support animal. Fox News quotes Ryan Boylan, 40, as saying he needs his rescued squirrel to handle the anxiety and PTSD caused by a car accident some time ago.

However, Island Walk Condominiums, where Boylan lives, say Brutis has to go, as she is causing risk to other residents.

Boylan told WFTS-TV there’s no way he’s giving up the squirrel, adding that he doesn’t understand how an animal weighing less than two pounds can cause any harm.

According to Boylan, he rescued Brutis after Hurricane Matthew, over a year ago, and since then she has enjoyed the run of his apartment. Reportedly she even loves perching on the ceiling fan.

However, it was reported Friday (Nov. 17) that after a dog chased the squirrel up a tree, the condo board found out about her, leading to Boylan receiving eviction papers. It turns out he had not submitted any paperwork to prove the squirrel was an emotional support animal until very recently.

Apparently, the condo board then received a letter from the Florida Office of Human Rights to say the emotional support squirrel does receive protection under the Fair Housing Act. Presumably, the pair will continue living happily ever after in Boylan's condo.