This is the first article in a series for beginners in the Contemporary Art world. Contemporary art has a great variety of forms and tools of aesthetic expression. Artists look for the most imaginative ways of research in the world in which they live. As a result, we have so many different works of art such as hybrid pictures made from various materials, digital photos, videos, light installations, etc.

As a working artist, it isn't enough to produce art: you need to Promote your art. Also, you should make sure that your work reaches the right audience.

If you don’t strive to get your work out there, no one will be able to tell you how much they love your art or buy it. Promotion is an aspect of an artist’s career that should evolve all the time, as the art does. I will describe some tips here that help you understand how to promote your artworks efficiently.

1. Use portfolio as a promo

Every single photo in your portfolio should be visually compelling. Each image should be accompanied by exciting text that tells some story or concept and details the size, materials, and title. One of the best ways to catch a potential buyer’s interest in your brand is to tell some personal story behind the artwork. Don’t be afraid to share your personal stories, your background, what inspires you, and what you hope to give to the world with your art.

2. Promote your art on the Internet

Internet marketing is becoming more and more relevant in all industries, and this is the same situation in the Art World. Online galleries, art websites, business accounts on social networks - all of it is your opportunity.

3. Participate in art competitions

Art competitions exist to discover emerging artists.

Experts argue it's one of the best ways to push yourself as a professional artist: your artwork will receive precious visibility.

4. Networking is still the most effective business tool

Community events, art organizations, liaison with your old clients who are already familiar with your work. Remember that art is your business, and just like any business, networking is an integral part of making your work relevant to the art community.

There are so many ways for artists to promote their artwork through networking and building contacts. You will be able to make friends who can become enthusiastic promoters of your art, but a lot of art organizations offer a wide range of resources that can give you support in promoting your work and building your brand as an artist.

5. Put your Career in Galleries' Hands

Promotional galleries are attractive to artists for many reasons. Press Releases, artist profiles, exhibitions and digital representations, charity events, and community projects are just part of the services that galleries offer emerging artists.

You could also find inspiration from one of the world’s highest paid artist Gerhard Richter or read Amber George's story.

In the next few articles, I'll describe all these strategies in detail.