Remember that art is your Business, and just like any business, networking is an integral part of making your work relevant to the art community. There are so many ways for artists to promote their artwork through networking and building contacts. I will not talk about statistics, data, or numbers because here I will talk about human relationships in business.The majority of important points in your life happen thanks to other people. Maybe you have met someone, maybe someone has taught you something, or just give you an idea. Anyway, other people have influenced your life.

The same will happen with your career. If you are looking for a secret to success, there is the networking. You should visit university parties, community events in galleries, meet new people, and share your experience and ideas. Join art organizations, it helps you to always be in touch with the latest news in the Art World. As a part of the art community, you will know first about the competitions and other opportunities to show your talent. Keep in touch with your colleagues, school friends, and teachers. Don't forget about your old clients. Just e-mail with congratulations on Christmas or birthdays. Be loyal. So how you can use networking for your business?

1. Art community events

Locally hosted art fairs or exhibitions in your town and open studio events provide a unique opportunity to meet with other artists.

Additionally, when you visit this type of event, you start to be recognized as a local artist. Don't forget your business cards when you go to these events. Invite your friends and colleagues, and help create a community. Be in touch with the art world.

2. Art organizations

The easiest way to Network on a professional level is to become an active participant in art organizations.

These organizations offer a wide range of resources that can help build your business model and give you support in promoting your work and building your brand as an artist. Don’t ignore the benefits of networking with another artist, or putting time and effort into friendships with art professionals.

3. Liaison with your old clients

The value of these relationships is obvious. If you have successful work experience together, you shouldn't work for getting this client. Contact your old clients, send them a postcard with your design for the holidays, or send a newsletter to your customers with your new portfolio or leave it to the gallery.

You should create long-term business relationships. And you could also find some ideas from this article or read an interview with artist Jin Cho.