internet marketing is becoming more and more relevant in all industries, and there’s no difference in the Art World. Now in the 21st century, if your work doesn't appear on the Internet, you are not competitive as a professional artist. The internet is an open marketplace now. Online galleries, art websites, business accounts on social networks; all of these represent the opportunity. This is especially good for international artists so definitely share it with your friends now.

Claim to fame

That is the most important thing that I found starting off how people are going to know you and how they are going to feel that you're legitimate.

In the beginning, you don't have an appropriate plan, you don't have a big Claim To Fame, this leads us to the question of how you are going to become a skilled, professional artist. You don't have to wait nowadays for somebody to give you the opportunity. Just putting out your striking art and so on. And that leads me to my next point which is online galleries.

Online galleries

Online galleries are becoming a must-have to promote your art. It's open to the whole world in one click. Being professional, being the part of an art world is really relevant. It is the best way to attract the attention of the collectors around the world. Sometimes it's even for free to place your work on the website.

Galleries offer artists an opportunity to publicize their work to a broad range of national and international art collectors and customers.

Artist page on a popular website

An artist page on a popular art website is also a great opportunity to represent you as a professional artist. It's kind of mix of business card and online portfolio.

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You could present your bio and artist CV here and contacts, but not only pictures of works for sale. That is the best way to being viewed by other galleries, museums, and art dealers. Put your intentions in your profile. What would you prefer to do for the rest of your life? For example fantasy artist, sci-fi artist, whatever type of art that you want to create, put it into your profile too so that people would have a vision of you as an artist.

Social networks

Business accounts on social networks working as an extra way to represent you in the art world. Starting with art students and ending with world-famous artists, they all need a key to success in the art world. You'd have priceless views for your latest works. Remember, that the picture should be high quality. You mustn't post dark, low-res, small or blurry pictures. In addition, you have an opportunity to add artwork details in every post you make: title, price, year of creating a picture and some short story about the creation process. People should see you as often as it is possible to make your art popular. So post your new works as often as it possible, add relevant hashtags and have a dialogue with your subscribers.

That would show you how people are reacting to your work. However, don't give up too soon, a lot of things take a little time for it to pick up.

In conclusion, as a professional artist, you should try to do your best to increase your audience. The Internet is a big raise platform where everyone has an opportunity to declare their names all over the world. Opportunities are right there you just need to go and get them. If this article has inspired you, other forms of inspiration can also found in this article. Read more about art on the Internet here.

In the next article, I'll tell you how you can use networking as a business tool, Marketing your art.