For many years vegans have been treated as some sort of sect but in the meantime, the movement has grown quite a bit and gained incredible potential.

Some people may see it as a mere fashion trend, for it appears to be a part of the lifestyle of the rich and famous people, especially Hollywood stars. However, this may not be the true form of Veganism, as it was proven it can be practiced by regular people as well.

Here are some common facts and guidelines which may help you understand vegans or even consider becoming one of them.

Vegans do not need to exclude bread

First of all, if you're trying to go Vegan, you should check which food you already like that is vegan. This way, you can see that vegans do eat normal food just like everyone else does. Since all fruit and vegetables are vegan you will still be eating most of the food you already did. Also, all grains are vegan so you won't have to exclude bread or any similar product which does not contain eggs or dairy from your diet.

It is quite important to be informed, so you should check on some scientific facts about the side effects and diseases meat and dairy consumption may lead to. Also, you may want to check some of the documentaries such as "Cowspiracy," and others which represent the true, extremely explicit proof of the monstrosity of the Meat And Dairy industry, and the inhuman treatment and exploitation of animals.

Although most people consider a vegan diet after health issues, the most important part of being a vegan is the ethical part. Besides not eating animal products, ethical vegans are against wearing any type of clothing which contains animal parts such as fur or leather. Ethical vegans are also against using the products that are tested on animals, which is another example of unnecessary animal cruelty.

Being an ethical vegan also means fighting against the unfair treatment of nonhuman animals, which is also known as speciesism.

Getting enough nutrients on a vegan diet

Another important thing you should be aware of is getting enough nutrients, which can only be acquired by a well balanced vegan diet. Also, even though some vegans don't use it, supplementing vitamin B12 from time to time is recommended.

According to the World Health Organization, all processed meat, red meat and also dairy products are considered dangerous and may cause cancer after being consumed on daily basis. This is another reason to think carefully about the food you are eating.

So there you have it, and the decision to change the world is yours to make. It's not just that you may benefit it on so many levels, but you can also make the world a better place for everyone else.