Every once in a while, we as a whole go through some abnormal blends in all aspects of life. Sometimes, another blend gives the idea that appears to be too insane to be great in any way. Yet, by one means or another, equitable in some way or another, it just works perfectly. That is what happened when YouTuber Anastasia Vasilieva set up and pieced together this excellent, wacky, mind-boggling video.

The video blends the unbelievable "Goodbye Moonmen" tune from the hit Adult Swim toon "Rick and Morty", with the trippy pipedream scene from Marvel’s hit movie, "Doctor Strange."

This is very fitting, as the melody was initially utilized amid a fundamentally similar scene from "Rick and Morty." in which Morty was tossed into a bizarre, beautiful, psychedelic dream by his new companion, "Fart," as he sang this hauntingly comforting tune to him.

it eventually went on to become a roaring success amidst the "Rick and Morty" fandom, claiming numerous instrumental covers, vocal renditions, and other audio-visual adaptations.

Swooning over Moonmen

“Goodbye Moonmen” is a melody that was featured in the episode "Mortynight Run" of Adult Swim’s hit television show "Rick and Morty." It was arranged and performed by Shiny, the snide half of the musical ensemble Flight of the Conchords, who likewise gave the voice to the vaporous substance "Fart" who plays out the tune in the scene. Featuring on vocals is Jemaine Clement, who also voices “Fart” in the episode. His vocals bring in the much acclaimed and celebrated enigma of the song and add an otherworldly feel to it that is much better experienced than explained.

Soon after the premiere of the episode, the internet went crazy over how similar the song's vocals sound to the legend David Bowie, and it was compared to his longtime chart-topper and fan favorite number “Ground Control to Major Tom”.

At first glance, the tune is about peace, solidarity, and joy. Be that as it may, as with numerous parts of the show, there is a more profound, more subtle understanding in which "Fart" sees mankind (and every single physical being/carbon-based lifeform) to be ruinous.

Fundamentally, by singing this melody, "Fart" is supporting that the main way the universe could be without contempt, is to dispose of mankind.

The Unison of two very strange universes

What YouTuber Anastasia Vasilieva has brought to the notice of our senses is merely what every fan wanted to experience.The blend of the two universes of Adult Swim and Marvel respectively was only a matter of time, and nobody could have spliced them better than Anastasia. The internet is in staunch agreement to that statement as the video is still viral and actively circulating around both the "Rick and Morty" and Marvel fandoms.