"Friends" is one of the most wonderful TV shows ever. It has 10 seasons with 236 episodes, each of which is named differently. Every episode makes you laugh, cry, believe a little more in love and regain your trust in friendship. It stars Jennifer Aniston as the stylish Rachel Green, Courteney Cox as the cleanliness-freak Monica Geller, and Lisa Kudrow as the masseuse. Then there is musician Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc as the food-obsessed Joey Tribbiani, Matthew Perry as the king of sarcasm, Chandler Bing, and David Schwimmer as the one-who-can-write-a-book-on-divorce, Ross Geller.

The original air date of the last episode titled "The Last One" of this popular sitcom was aired on May 6, 2004; however, people still watch all the seasons over and over again.

Why do people still watch 'Friends?'

  • It makes you laugh: Chandler's sarcastic punches, Ross' number of divorces and girlfriends, Joey's love for food, Phoebe's songs, Monica's obsession for perfection and Rachel's life-lessons make you laugh until your belly hurts. I don't think you can ask for anything more.
  • You understand the importance of 'friendship': It is very difficult to find true friends in life, but when you watch "Friends" repeatedly, you attract good people into your life. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. You will start respecting and loving your friends more.
  • It deals with the boy-girl friendship: Spoiler alert - no doubt Rachel gets into a relationship with Ross and Monica marries Chandler, but the Joey-Phoebe friendship is pure and beautiful. It makes you believe that a man and woman can be just friends.
  • It teaches you how to handle a divorce: Ross teaches you how to handle your divorce, even if you are getting divorced for the third time.

'Friends' teaches you everything about life

  • You learn about life: "Friends" teaches you how important it is for you to fall in love, how life is when you stay with your friends, how to handle misunderstandings when they arise in your family or friends, how some friends become your family and how self-dependence can be the best thing in your life. Basically, it teaches you everything about life.
  • Your faith in love is restored when you watch 'Friends:' When you look at the complications that Ross and Rachel go through and she still gets off the plane for him in the end, you know that love still exists. When you watch Monica bend on one knee for Chandler, you know that there's someone who can do the same for you.
  • You learn how to handle annoying people: If you can handle Janice, 'oh-my-god' you can handle anyone! There are a lot of annoying characters in "Friends" that you are taught to deal with.