The world would be a better place if there were no criminals, but due to unemployment, some have turned to crime to make a living. However, some people commit crimes for the love of it. Surprising, there are some female criminals, more dangerous than men. There have been some Dangerous Women in the past who have killed without second thoughts and managed criminal empires. Here are some of the most dangerous women.

1. Claudia Ochoa Felix

Claudia is a mother of three, according to Worth-Seeing, and she is not an ordinary woman. The lady heads a Mexican gang known as “Los Antrax” which has been accused of organizing gruesome murders.

Ochoa has been dubbed as the “Kim Kardashian of Organized Crime.” She became the leader of the trafficking organization when her boyfriend, who was the original leader of the gang, was arrested and put behind bars. At least you are now aware that even women can manage gangs.

2. Kim Hyun-hui

According to Telegraph, Kim Hyun-hui is Kim Hyun-hui is 55 and is a mother as well as a mass murderer. She was recruited from the university to become a North Korean agent. She trained for six years to be like a Japanese person. South Korea was preparing to host the Olympics in 1987. Kim II-sung was determined to prevent the games, and Hyun-hui was ordered to bomb a South Korean airliner which took the lives of all the 115 people on board.

She was captured and sentenced to death in 1989 but was later pardoned.

3. Griselda Blanco

Griselda bloodied the streets of Miami for years and ruled the city with her vengeance style, according to The Richest. She was involved in the drug trade since she was a teenager. She had 20 aliases and shipped 300 kilos of cocaine every month.

Other Columbian cartels feared Blanco. She was the one who invented the motorcycle drive-by killing style, which was popular in the 70s and 80s. Among the almost 250 people she killed was her husband, and six others who she suspected were stealing profits. She was arrested and jailed for 19 years before she was deported back to Columbia.

She was shot to death from a drive-by motorcycle.

4. La Tigresa

Idoia Lopez Riano was nicknamed La Tigresa due to her sexual prowess. According to the Telegraph, she was on the front line in a violent campaign to make Basque independent from Spain in the 80s. She was responsible for two bombs in one year that killed a total of 17 people. It is also said that she used to seduce police officers before shooting their colleagues. Lopez became the most wanted terrorist of the ETA. She was sentenced in 2003 for more than 1,500 years in prison for the atrocities she committed, and in 2011 she was disowned by ETA after apologizing for her actions.